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Hercai Cast Names And Their Character

What happen to Miran And Reyyan in the new 3rd Season? Who are Hercai players? What is the character? 

Hercai series casts, which aired on the ATV screen, continue to be the subject of research by viewers following the series. It is not yet known when the corona virus process, which is screened on Friday evenings, will be screened with new episodes of Hercai series, which is taking a break from filming. Here are the cast and their character of the series...

Hercai's cast continues to be the subject of research by the show's followers. First Episode trailer in the new 3rd season had a huge fan base since the first episode aired on the ATV series Hercai. So which names are in the cast of the series? Here are the detail ...

Cast Character of Hercai

Akin Akinözü as Miran Aslanbey  

Aslanbey is the only one who will continue his family's lineage, Miran Aslanbey. He is a cold, distant but also strong and intelligent man who was raised by his grandmother Azize Aslanbey with tales of revenge.

Ebru Sahin as Reyyan Şadoğlu  

She is the eldest daughter of Hazar and Zehra Shadoğlu, Reyyan. An innocent, pure and clean young girl. He is lovingly attached to his family and everyone around him. However, he could never see the love he saw from his mother and brother from his grandfather, Nasuh Shadoglu.

Hercai Character Cast
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Macit Sonkan as Nasuh Shadoglu 

He is the largest and indispensable leader of the family. His word is an order. What they decide, what they say is never measured, indisputable, never opposed.

Ayda Aksel as Azize Aslanbey 

She's the eldest of Aslanbey Family. Azize is a ruthless woman who has suffered a lot, buried her husband, three sons, two brides, whose heart is hardened with hatred. Twenty-seven years ago, she swore revenge.

Serhat Tutumluer as Hazar Şadoğlu 

The eldest son of the Shadoglu family is Hazar, the right-hand man of his father Nasuh. His judgment comes after his father and binds everyone. She is an honest, hardworking, trusty, loved, respected, trusty man.

Gulchin Santircıoğlu as Sultan Aslanbey 

The only surviving daughter-in-law of Aslanbey family is the mother of Gonul Sultan. He came from nothing and became a lady in the mansion. After Azize, it is his biggest dream to take over the Aslanbey family.

Tansu Taşanlar as Azat Şadoğlu 

He is the son of Cihan and Handan. Shadoglu is the only one to carry on his lineage. He has done what he has been told all his life, and he has been disdainful. Whatever is asked of him, your istens never objected, nor did he oppose his family and what they believed.

Oya Flourmaster as Gonul Aslanbey 

One of the two daughters of Aslanbey family is the only child of sultan and vahit. Gonul is a beautiful and angry young girl. She always acts with her emotions. Her only dream is a great love, she wants to be loved the way she loves it.

Serdar Ozer as Cihan Şadoğlu 

He is the youngest son of Nasuh Shadoglu. He counts himself in a race with his brother, the Caspian. He's always trying to prove himself. A man respected like a caspian, listened to wants to be his father's most trusted son, but he can't do it.

Ilay Erkök as Yaren Şadoğlu 

She is the daughter of Cihan and Handan Yaren Şadoğlu. Her simple beauty attracts attention with her smiley face, but these smiles and beauty are just the mask of a wicked soul. Yaren has a bad and jealous heart, especially against Reyyan.

Feride Cetin as Zehra Şadoğlu 

Hazar Şadoğlu's wife is the mother of Reyyan and Gul. Zehra is bound by great love and loyalty to her husband and children. Even though he's a gentle person, when he senses a threat to his children, the lion is cut off. She is a devoted mother and a loyal wife devoted to the happiness of her daughters and husband.

Cahit Gök as Firat Demiralp 

He grew up in Aslanbey Mansion. He was Miran's only friend in this life, and they grew up as brothers with Miran in Kars. Miran's everything that's got happened to euphrates, Azize never saw Euphrates apart from his own grandson.

Ebrar Demirbilek as Gul Şadoğlu 

Güneş Hayat as Esma Demiralp

Aydan Burhan as Hanife Derbent

İnci Şen as Nigar Katarcı

Aslı Samat as Melike Aştutan

Eylem Tanrıver as Keriman Çetin

Duygu Yetiş as Elif Aslanbey Şadoğlu

Gökhan Yavuz as Rıza Demir

Yusuf Bedir as Bedirhan

Emrullah Omay as Mahmut

Aydan Taş as Şehriyar Taşkın

Sarp İkiler as Caner Katarcı

Güven Hokna as Şükran

Ahmet Kayakesen as Harun

Feride Çetin as Zehra Şadoğlu

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