Hotel Trainees (酒店实习生 ) Synopsis And Cast: Chinese Drama

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iQiyi returns to air its latest Chinese drama Hotel Trainees (酒店实习生 ). It aired on September 30, 2020 and had 36 episodes. Elevating the genre of Comedy and Romance, Hotel Trainees is adapted based on Shan Yao Ba's novel 'Shine! The Queen of Hotel'. 

The drama stars Eden Zhao, Ma Meng Wei, Bu Guan Zhi, and Charry Qi. Eden Zhao has played in the dramas Well Dominated Love and Walk Into Your Memory. Meanwhile, his acting opponent Ma Meng Wei has starred in the drama Poisoned Love which also aired on iQiyi.

This series tells the story of several hotel management graduates who have been confused because of their work and ideals but never give up their struggle. There are stories of laughter and tears. Work has allowed them to find a sense of accomplishment and existential value, and also made their friendship. More reliable, and harvest the long-awaited love.


Synospis of Hotel Trainees

It tells the story of a group of young men who join byt's top hotel chain for an internship and in the process they learn a valuable life. Xie Fan Yu (Eden Zhao) is the CEO of a hotel known for being loud and arrogant. He had just returned from abroad to help his father revive a hotel that was about to go bankrupt.

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However, Xie Fan Yu secretly plans to sell his hotel chain. The emergence of Yue Ran (Ma Meng Wei) changed his behavior. Although He looks strong, but in fact Xie Fan Yu relies heavily on Yue Ran. Yue Ran is a beautiful, cheerful, energetic young girl, and has an enthusiasm for the hotel. Yue Ran and his colleagues who graduated from the hotel management course Ning Jiajia (Xu Wan Ting), Susan (Cynthia Yu), and Luo Fei (Cheng Zi Ying) came to join the BYT international hotel.

They crossed many barriers to enter the hotel chain as interns. At first the apprentices did not have excessive work motivation. Some join because they want to take the opportunity to meet rich people, some want to heal their pain. One day an announcement about elimasi appeared. Within a three-month period interns who do not qualify as employees at ZAD/BYT will be fired.

In addition to the problems posed by customers, now the interns must be the best so that they are not eliminated. In the process they began to find their own pleasure and meaning about the work they were working on.

Detail of Hotel Trainees

Year Production: 2019

Title: Hotel Trainees

Other Titles: The Queen of Hotel

Chinese Title: 酒店实习生 (Hotel Intern) 

Genres: Drama, Comedy, Romance

Country: China

Filming Location: Hangzhou

Director: Li Yue, Qin Jie

Screenwriter: Zhang Jing

Production: Sheng Xi Hua Shi, iQIYI

TV Channel: iQiyi

Number of Episodes: 36 Episodes

Length of Each Episodes: 45 Minutes

Airdate: September 30, 2020

Airdate: Wednesday - Thursday, at 12:00 PM CST

Cast of Hotel Trainees

Eden Zhao (Zhao Zhi Wei) as Xie Fan Yu

Ma Meng Wei as Yue Ran

Bu Guan Zhi as David

Charry Qi (Sun Jia Qi) as Bai Ling Long

He Liao Lu Yun as Duan Jian

Zhu Min Xin as Lu Hao

Xu Wan Ting as Ning Jiajia

Cynthia Yu (Yu Ying Ying) as Susan

Cheng Zi Ying as Luo Fei

Shawn Zhang (Zhang Shu Lun)

Wang Yu Hang

Wang Neng



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