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Love is Sweet (半 是 蜜糖 半 是 伤) Synopsis And Cast: C-Drama

Love is Sweet (半 是 蜜糖 半 是 伤) is the latest Chinese web drama genre Romance. This drama airs on iQiyi starting September 9, 2020 by having 36 episodes. This drama was adapted based on the novel of the same name "Ban Shi Mi Tang Ban Shi Shang", by Qi Zi. 

The series presents famous actors and actresses from China. Starring Leo Luo, Bai Lu, Shane Xiao, Riley Wang, Zhao Yuan Yuan, and Taiwanese actress Ariel Ann. Leo Luo previously played in the dramas And The Winner is Love, Princess Silver, and Ashes of Love. Bai Lu has starred in the dramas Lucky's First Love, The Legends, and King is Not Easy. As for the beautiful actress Shane Xiao, she looks great as the main character in the Netflix series The Little Nyonya. 

The Chinese drama Love is Sweet was produced by the famous director Yu Zhong Zhong. Yu Zhong Zhong also worked on popular Chinese dramas including My Unicorn Girl, My Girlfriend, The Fox's Summer, My Little Princess, and many more. The series tells the story of Jiang Jun, who suffered from severe tears allergies, and his childhood sweetheart Yuan Shuai many years later.

Synopsis of Love is Sweet

The story is about the story of a woman named Jiang Jun (Bai Lu). He has a dual master's degree in psychology and economics. Jiang Jun grew up to be a woman of character, strong, independent, and idealistic. After graduating from college, he pursued his dream of helping others. Jiang Jun now joins a charity organization. Unexpectedly, his father's sudden death put him at a crossroads that set the course of his life. 

Love is Sweet Synopsis
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This time, Jiang Jun finally entered the well-known investment banking company, MH Company. This is solely to fulfill the wish of his dying father. One day at work he meets his childhood friend Yuan Shuai (Leo Luo). Even though they were once close friends, now the two of them just don't get along and are enemies. Yuan Shuai wasn't what Jiang Jun remembered when he was young. At that time He was a protective figure who was kind, gentle, and caring. At work, Yuan Shuai became Jiang Jun's rival. Meanwhile someone tries to fight him and He must rely on his intelligence and willpower to succeed in his career and love. 

On the other hand Du Lei (Kido Gao) is a handsome young man and the son of an influential rich man. He hides his identity and decides to be both humble and mysterious towards others. His gentle nature makes all women like him. Li Xiao Chuan (Riley Wang) is a genius programmer who has arrogance. But he is also very handsome like an idol star. After returning to China, He decided to develop Western applications. Even though he is not good at speaking, throughout the day he is very focused in the world of programming. He considers the codes as a girlfriend who accompanies his solitude. How are these people involved with each other? What will happen to Jiang Jun and Yuan Shuai's next relationship?

Detail of Love is Sweet

Title: Love is Sweet

Chinese Title: 半 是 蜜糖 半 是 伤 (Half honey and half injury)

Genre: Drama, Romance

Country: China

Filming Location: Shanghai 

Directors: Yu Zhong Zhong, Wu Jian Xin

Producer: Yang Bei, Wang Jing Jing

Scriptwriter: Qi Zi, Wang Wen Tong, Ding Yan Qing

Production: iQiyi, GH Entertainment

TV channel: iQiyi

Number of Episodes: 36 Episodes

Length of Each Episode: 45 Minutes

Broadcast period: September 9, 2020

Showtimes: Wednesday

Cast of Love Is Sweet

Leo Luo / Luo Yun Xi as Yuan Shuai

Bai Lu as Jiang Jun

Shane Xiao / Xiao Yan as Xu Li

Kido Gao / Gao Han Yu as Du Lei

Riley Wang / Wang Yi Lun as Li Xiao Chuan

Zhao Yuan Yuan as Qiao Na

Ariel Ann as Linda Guan

Zi Jing as Su Chang

Qi Yi as Shen Xin

Jerry Chang

Hu Xiao Ting


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