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Maria Ile Mustafa Cast and Characters

Maria Ile Mustafa star red-starring Jessica May, Hilmi Cem İntepe, Tamer Levent, Alpay Atalan and Haki Bacici.  Produced by NTC Medya, the series will be produced by the director's chair of the famous director Faruk Teber.

The screenplay for Maria Ile Mustafa will be written by Birol Elginöz, who previously wrote the series Arka Sıradakiler and Zengin ve Yoksul. The series begins filming on 25 June 2020 in Urgup, and will begin broadcasting on Atv screens on Sunday, September 6, 2020. 

Subject of Maria Ile Mustafa Series

Maria and Mustafa will be told about the love of Maria, the beautiful beauty who came to Turkey from Colombia, and Mustafa, the son of one of Urgup's rich families.  Maria and Mustafa are people from two different cultures, but the love of Maria and Mustafa series will overcome all obstacles.

Maria Ile Mustafa Cast
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Where will Maria and Mustafa be filmed?

Maria Ile Mustafa series Nevşehir Cappadocia will also be filmed. In cappadocia, which has recently been a famous series of shooting venues, series such as Dam and Zümrüdu Anka will be filmed along with Maria and Mustafa. 

Maria and Mustafa 2nd Episode Trailer

Maria Ile Mustafa's currently lead actors Hilmi Cem İntepe and Jessica May were the screenplay of the series. NTC Media has resumed work after a 6-month for its new series. Maria Ile Mustafa will star in the series director Faruk Teber As it is known faruk Teber had recently directed in Bir Zamanlar Cukurova and Kardes Cocuklari (Sister Children).

Maria Ile Mustafa will tell a modern love story in a style that has never been processed before. The female actress was Brazilian actress Jessica May.   Atv screens will be on screens in February 2020 and will be produced by Ntc Media. Maria will be an Italian, while Mustafa will be a Turk. In this case, an Italian woman and an Turk will be told about the impossible love.

Maria Ile Mustafa Cast Character

Hilmi Cem Intepe as Mustafa Candemir

Mustafa Candemir is one of the two sons of Kudret, a rich man who trades in Urgup. Mustafa, who is a well-educated cultured son whose family is loved, has proven his success and has a good education, is a lover of Goodness and no one who does not like him in Cappadocia. Although he is the son of a wealthy family, he has contributed greatly to his family's wealth. Mustafa worked his life for his family, he spent the night in the day, but now Mustafa is in love. Mustafa, who met Maria, fell in love with her at first sight. Mustafa's relationship with Maria never supported his father.


Gonca and Mustafa is the forbidden love of his dead brother Halil. When Halil impregnated Gonca and died, Mustafa had to clean up his brother's mess and accepted his sister-in-law as his wife as his nephew's daughter. 


Jessica May as Maria Yildirim

Maria, whose father was Turkish, was born in Cappadocia; however, when his father and mother left, they had to return to his mother's hometown of Colombia. Upon learning that her father had died, Maria Yildirim returned to Cappadocia for a few weeks for inheritance and fell in love with Mustafa. Maria feels very happy and belongs to Cappadocia in Cappadocia.

Tamer Levent as Kudret

In the series Maria Ile Mustafa, he is one of the richest men of Kudret Urgup. Having lived for his family and dignity, Kudret is a disciplined father who has managed to raise his sons hard after losing his wife.  Even if he can't give his children love, he's sure he's good morals. Although he can't show his love of power and he seems like a tough father, he's actually a good man. Although his son-in-law Sahin and his son Mustafa give the management of the companies, he is a father who always likes to keep everything under control; He doesn't want to marry his son to a Colombian girl.

Ezgi Celik as Nadire Candemir

Nadire is Kudret Candemir's first child. He's an agricultural engineer. After their mother died, she had to mother her siblings at a young age. Kudret's wife, Halil, was killed by Nihat, son of Yalcinsons, during his time; Nadire has a six-year unending anger towards Nihat, although the court is also said to have no intention. Although rarely a hard woman, there is compassion in her, but she will only be able to show her compassion after receiving her husband's revenge. 

Hira Koyuncuoğlu as Nisan

Hira Koyuncuoğlu, who came into our lives as the lover of actress Berkay Mustard, appeared as Bade in the istanbul bridal series and was loved. Hira Koyuncuoğlu, who is 168 cm tall, weighs 50 kg. Hira Koyuncuoğlu was born in 1995 and is under the age of 25. She has previously appeared as River in My Life. Hira Koyuncuoğlu will appear in The Mustafa series with Maria as April.

Nisan is Mustafa's youngest sister. She is the daughter of Sahin Kademir. She's a senior in high school. Yalcinoğlu is in love with his family's son Ruzgar and wants to marry her as soon as possible. 

Haki Biçici as Şahin Kandemir

Sahin is the eldest son of Kudret. The hawk is a very dangerous type; Kudret's money was effective even in his marriage. Therefore, he has always seen Mustafa as a competitor, not a brother. His only purpose is to get in the eye of Kudret and get in front of Mustafa. His wife is madly in love with Iclal; He also has a daughter named Zeyno. 


Ozlem Ulukan as İclal Kandemir

She is the wife of Iclal Sahin.

Derin Deniz Görgülü as Zeyno Kandemir

She's Kudret's daughter, who's the pupil. She's a high school student. She goes to the same school as Nisan.


Zeynep Gülz as Reyhan Ozer

Although Reyhan came to Cappadocia from Istanbul, she became one of cappadocia's most popular artisan women. The restaurant also cooks home cooking. Kudret is in love with this beautiful and skilled woman Rayhan.

Haldun Boysan as Hasmet Yalcinoğlu

Hasmet Kudret's old friend is his new enemy. Even though Kudret and Hasmet grew up together and were good friends, they are now rivals. He's grumpy and very closed to change. He doesn't like to listen to others, he has truths, he doesn't change them. Hasmet is a difficult man not only against his enemies, but also against his wife and children.

Mine Tüfekçioğlu as Zümrüt Yalçınoğlu

Zümrüt Yalçınoğlu is the mother of the family three sons gave to Hasmet. It's a loyal mother who keeps the family together.

Alpay Atalan as Nihat Yalcinoğlu

Nihat is a man of sane conscience. His father is better than Hasmet, with many aspects; however, he was forced to serve six years in prison after accidentally killing Nadire's wife. Nihat is remorseful for causing someone's death. Nihat is the eldest son of the Yalcinoğlu family.

Tugba Tutug as Gonca Yalcinoğlu

She is the daughter of the Gonca Yalcinoğlu family. He is also the daughter of Gonca Hasmet, Nihat's brother. He is married to Gonca Mustafa and has a daughter. Mustafa agreed to marry Gonca without loving it so that there would be no vendetta between the two families. Although Gonca knows that her husband Mustafa doesn't love her, she's obsessed with him. Bud is a bad-hearted woman.  During the time, Gonca had a forbidden relationship with Mustafa's brother Halil and became pregnant with this relationship. Mustafa also accepted his sister-in-law as his wife when his brother died and accepted as a father to Melek. 

Ipek Yigit as Melek

Although Melek looks like the daughter of Mustafa and Gonca, she is actually the daughter of Mustafa's dead brother. mustafa married Gonca so that the truth would not come out. Melek, 7 years old, is a freshgirl at first school.

Burak Berkay Akgül as Rüzgâr

Ruzgar is the youngest son of the Yalcinoğlu family. What a very calm type that is unlike his brothers Nihat and Galip. The son of the Candemir family is in love with April.

Mustafa Açılan as Galip Yalçınoğlu

Galip Yalcinoğlu is the crazy son of his family. He has an animosity towards the entire Candemir family. Mustada describes Galip as a tweed, in fact, there are two tweeds under Galip. Yalcinoglu and Candemir family will face each other once again because of Galip. Galip Candemir will make a plan to become an enemy again with his family and make a mess.

Bulut Young as Mujdat

Mujdat is one of Galip's men. It's up to Galip enough to be a murderer for the winner. Mujdat does all of Galip's dirty work.

Cem Karakaya as Bekir

Bekir is Maria's uncle. He's a calm, quality person. He is married to Feriha.

Hülya Gülşen as Feriha

Feriha is the wife of Bekir. Poverty has been a life for. She wants to be rich, so she wants to take a share of the inheritance.

Neyra Kayabasi as Nazlı

Nazlı Is a servant of the Candemir family. She's a very curious employee.

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