Maria Ile Mustafa Episode 1: Trailer And Summary

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Atv's New Series Maria Ile Mustafa 1nd New Episode Trailer Has Released! When Will Maria Ile Mustafa Episode 1 Start?

Maria Ile Mustafa came to the screen with the 1st episode. The series production is produced by NTC Media and produced by Mehmet Yigit Alp. The director's chair of the series, which was filmed in Cappadocia Urgup, sits with master director Faruk Teber. New episodes of the series about the love story of Maria and Urgup's well-known family, who came to Turkey from Colombia, are eagerly awaited. Maria Ile Mustafa 1stepisode trailer part 2 has released, Watch the trailer here .....

Maria Ile Mustafa will be screened on Sunday, September 6th with its 1st episode. The new series 'Maria and Mustafa' are starring Hilmi Cem Intepe, Jessica May and Tamer Levent. Maria and Mustafa, the subject of the love of a Turkish teenager with a foreign girl, will soon be broadcast on ATV. Maria Ile Mustafa All episode summary and episode trailer are in our news.

Maria Ile Mustafa Ep 1
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Maria Ile Mustafa Episode 1 Trailer 

Maria Yildirim, a Colombian with her mother and her Father from Cappadocia, returns to the magical land where she was born years later. During this journey, she met Mustafa Candemir of Candemir family, one of the largest families of the region. These two young people soon fall madly in love with each other, believing in what is written in one fate, and the other who believes in writing their own destiny. Maria thinks she's found the love of her life in "The Land of Beautiful Horses,"" which she left when she was a little girl. But she expects a huge surprise. Mustafa Candemir is not as free a man as she seems! 

Maria Ile Mustafa Episode 1 Summary

Maria came to Turkey from Colombia and Mustafa, the heir to Urgup's well-known family, the series about the love story; This will bring the tension, impossibility and great challenges of the duo to the screens. 'Maria Ile Mustafa series starring Hilmi Cem İntepe, Jessica May and Tamer Levent, while many actors such as Ezgi Çelik, Haki Bacici, Haldun Boysan and Hülya Gülşen are involved in the project. Read Also All Episode of Maria Ile Mustafa 

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