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Maria İle Mustafa Episode 5: Trailer And Summary

The new 5th episode trailer of Maria İle Mustafa has released! 'I want to have your child!'


Maria İle Mustafa series, which started on ATV screens, has received the attention of the audience. It attracts attention with its critically acclaimed series. After what happened in ten episodes, the new episode was even more curious.

Maria İle Mustafa series came to the screens tonight with the 4th final episode. In tonight's final episode of the series, Maria learned that she would have a baby while blamed herself for everything that happened to them, and made the difficult decision to make them happy. Here is the trailer for the 5th new episode of Maria ile Mustafa and the events of the last episode...

What happen in the last episode? 

Mustafa going to be happy with the woman he love. Maria, thinking that she is responsible for everything that happened to them, while she finds out that they will have a baby, Mustafa makes a difficult decision to be happy. Feriha raises this decision to Kudret, which she secretly learns.

maria ile mustafa episode 5
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Learning of Mustafa's decision, Kudret recommends that he take Maria and settle in the cone. Nadire and Nihat are forced to face each other this time because of Nisan and Ruzgar! Gonca, on the other hand, confronts Galip, who tries to kill Maria and Mustafa.

When he learns that Mustafa will divorce his daughter for Maria, Hasmet takes action. When Mustafa's important decision is revealed, everyone, especially Gonca, is shocked!

Maria İle Mustafa Episode 5 Trailer

Maria İle Mustafa Episode 5 Summary: Will Maria and Mustafa Escape From Cappadocia?

By giving up everything for the sake of their love, Maria and Mustafa who decided to flee Cappadocia while waiting for a bad surprise at the exit of Urgup, Mustafa's abandoning of Gonca can not digest Nadire's last-minute effort to fight for his life. Everyone at Candemir Mansion is deeply shaken by both incidents. Galip finally obtains Maria's land, which he has been pursuing since day one, and pays a significant price in return. Kudret, who wants to prevent Maria and Mustafa from going away, pays a heavy price for his great efforts.

Maria and Mustafa will be on ATV on Sunday, October 4, 2020 with the 5th new episode of the series. Read Also All Episode of Maria İle Mustafa

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