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Marry Me (三 嫁 惹 君 心) Synopsis And Cast: Chinese Drama

Marry Me (三 嫁 惹 君 心) is the latest iQiyi Chinese drama to adapt the novel Three Marriages by Mingyue Tingfeng. This drama airs from September 9, 2020. Lifting the Romance genre and having 35 episodes, Marry Me can be watched every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 19.00 CST. This drama stars Shane Xiao, Xing Zhao Lin, Nicky Wu, Nie Zi Hao, U. Lin Huang, and others. 

Shane Xiao has starred in The Little Nyonya, My Roommate is a Detective, and He also co-starred in the drama iQIYI Love is Sweet. Xing Zhao Lin has played in the Chinese drama You are My Destiny, Standing in the Time, and Lucky's First Love The Chinese drama Marry Me was worked on by director Huang Wei Jie from the series Legend of Awakening, The Legend of Zu, and The Legend of Zu Season 2 .

Synopsis of Marry Me

Ju Mu'er (Shane Xiao) is original leisure life changed rapidly due to the unjust death of Master Yinhan. As a result, she lost her eyesight and broke into the life of the richest man in Beijing, Long Yue (Xing Zhao Lin). Ju Mu'er is determined to vindicate her Master Zhaoxue, unexpectedly one after another cases will involve the two of them. While investigating the case, Ju Mu'er was forced to marry by married a man. 

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In order to ask for good, she offered to agree to marry Long Yue. However, as they get along day and night, the two gradually fall in love. Ju Muer does not want the Master's case to implicate the Long Family, so she designs for Long Yue to misunderstand and divorce his wife. Afterwards, Long Yue learned the truth, and the two married again. As the investigation deepened, the case became more complicated and confusing, Ju Mu'er was almost wiped out, and the Long family also fell into an unprecedented predicament. 

The two have a close relationship with each other, but they have to temporarily reconcile each other and confront the enemy together. When the truth came to light, everything was settled, Long Yue once again married Ju Muer, who was married to her for the third time, and finally embraced happily.  How is the romantic story of the two of them? 

Detail of Marry Me

Title: Marry Me

Title: 三 嫁 惹 君 心 (Three marriage provokes the heart of the king)

Genre: Drama, Romance, Life

Country: China

Filming location: Hengdian

Director: Huang Wei Jie

Producer: Yang Bei, Wang Xiao Hui

Scriptwriter: Mingyue Tingfeng, Han Pei Zhen

Production: iQiyi, Straw Bears Film, ABB Making

TV channel: iQiyi

Number of Episodes: 35 Episodes

Broadcast period: 9 September 2020 - 6 October 2020

Showtimes: Wednesday - Friday, 19:00 CST

Cast of Marry Me

Shane Xiao / Xiao Yan as Ju Mu'er

Xing Zhao Lin as Long Yue

Nicky Wu as Shi Bo Yin

Nie Zi Hao as Yun Qing Xian

U. Lin Huang / Huang Yi Lin as Feng Wu

Li Xin Bo as Ding Xing Shan

Herman Li / Li He as Long Teng

Chiu Shi Lun as Long Fei

Liu Yi Tong as Shu Ruo Chen

Yue Yao Li as Qu Sheng

Shi Yu as Ding Sheng

Ding Ye as Hua Yibai

Pan Yi Jun as Empress Dowager

Liu Si Tong as Consort Shu

Xin Yue as Ji Jue


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