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Miss Gu Who is Silent (沉默 不 语 的 顾 小姐) produced by the Tencent Penguin Pictures production house will have 20th episodes. The series can be seen on September 23, 2020 every Wednesday to Friday at 7 pm.

This Chinese drama directed by Sun Hao and it will be stars are: Aliyah, Li Zi Feng, Ye Xiao Wei, Guo Jia Nan, Liu Luo Xi, and others. Aliyah has previously played in the Chinese drama Fairyland Lovers and Candle in the Tomb: The Wrath of Time.

The male lead role of Li Zi Feng has starred in Joy of Life, The Legends, and a supporting role in Sweet Dreams. Meanwhile, Liu Luo Xi also performed nicely in the Chinese Drama Mr Honesty. The Chinese drama Miss Gu Who is Silent raised the genre Romance, Crime, and Mystery.

Miss Gu Who is Silent is adapted from the internet suspenseful love novel, which is extremely popular on the horizon. It tells the story of Wen Molin and Gu Qingzhou, a sunny beauty, who unexpectedly sprouted love during the period.

Synopsis of Miss Gu Who is Silent

It tells about the life of Gu Xing Dan (Aliyah). She is a cheerful woman, grew up with her brother Chen An. They both love each other. Gu Xing Dan had considered her brother to be the world's most perfect hero and ideal man. One day her brother helped someone who was dying but because of the fingerprints left behind, the police suspected he was a murderer.

Miss Gu Who is Silent synopsis
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A series of events showed that her older brother Gu Xingdan suffered injustice and committed suicide. Eight years later, Gu Xing Dan decided to change her true identity and name. She wanted to take revenge and punish them.

In order to treat her sadness, Gu Xing Dan plans to come up with several plans. Instead, She fell into people's traps. Gu Xingdan had been controlled by someone and now she was that person's pawn. She meets police detective Wen Mo Lin (Li Zi Feng). Gu Xingdan had to face love, friendship, and family.

With his love and unyielding spirit, Gu Xingdan was surprised to find out the truth. Gu Xingdan found out that her brother was actually still alive. She was annoyed that she had done all this. With Wen Mo Lin's help, the two of them would seek answers together regarding her brother's actions and intentions in doing all this.

Detail of Miss Gu Who is Silent

English Title: Miss Gu Who is Silent

Chinese Title: 沉默 不 语 的 顾 小姐 (The Silent Miss Gu)

Genre: Drama, Mystery, Romance, Crime

Country: China

Director: Sun Hao

Screenwriter: Sun Hao

Production: Tencent Penguin Pictures

TV channels: Tencent Video, WeTV

Number of Episodes: 20 Episodes

Broadcast period: 23 September 2020 - 30 September 2020

Showtimes: Wednesday - Friday, 19:00 CST

Cast of Miss Gu Who is Silent

Aliyah (A Li Ya) as Gu Xing Dan

Li Zi Feng as Wen Mo Lin

Ye Xiao Wei as Mu Sen

Liu Luo Xi as Liu Xiao Wen

Cai Zhuo Yin as Wen Ke Er

Sun Kan as Fang Hua

Liu Luo Xi as Liu Xiaowen

Zhang Xin Bi as Sang Yu

Guo Jia Nan

Wang Jing Wen

Huang Ji Dong

Shi Zhi

Wang Kan

Sun Yu Tong


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