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Ramo Episode 12: Trailer And Summary

When is the First Episode of the New 2nd Seasonof Ramo? Ramo New 2nd Season part 3 trailer has been released!

Appearing on Show TV, 'Ramo' received a lot of acclaim and managed to get a community of viewers to watch each episode. Murat Yildirim, Esra Bilgic, Ilker Aksum, Yigit Özşener, Görkem Sevindik, İdil Firat, Cemre Baysel, Ilhan Şen, Sacide Taşaner, Macit Koper will be screened at 20:00 on Friday Evenings. Ramo new 2nd season first episode trailer has been released.

Show Tv Ramo 12nd episode (1st episode of season 2) is expected. The series, which began shooting in Adana, tells the story of Ramo, who rise in the criminal world. Ramo's new 12nd episode trailers and episode summaries are in our news, which has attracted great interest with its story and characters. 

Ramo Episode 12
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Ramo is closing his book in Adana with his second season and continues in Istanbul. Ramo 2nd season first episode will be on Show TV screens on Friday, September 18...

What happen un the last episode?

Ramo makes a clever plan to find the mole. Ramo and Sibel's love has been defeated years later. Two lovers start living in the same house. But happiness is not as close as they think. Their greatest enemies have emerged again, preparing to ruin the future of the two. Alpay, who took refuge with the police, decided to provide all the information about the commission. Solomon will not allow it. He offers Alpay an offer he can't refuse with his lawyer. 

Ramo understood that Solomon had already heard from every step of his step. There is a mole nearby and has to uncover it. Ramo makes a clever plan to find the mole. Boz, who is very happy with Fatoş's pregnancy, wants to speed up fatoş and Neco's divorce proceedings. Confronting Neco, Boz falls into the trap and encounters Fatoş's unexpected reaction.

Ramo Episode 12 Trailer

Ramo Episode 12 Summary:

Alpay surrendered to the police in Adana, things went off the rails. Cihangir sends his son Taner to Adana to set things right. A ruthless man, Taner starts a war in Adana to fulfill his father's orders. At the end of the war, Solomon and Neco lost their lives. Taner's new plan is to pin all his crimes on Ramo. What Ramo doesn't expect will happen next. Ramo is sentenced to 30 years in prison by Sibel's testimony. 

Devastated by Sibel's betrayal, Ramo begins making plans to go out in his third year in prison with rumors of amnesty circulating. Ramo's crime is not covered by amnesty, but he rolls up his sleeves and begins to implement his grand plan, in which he has knitted a noose noose for three years. In doing all this, Ramo has two objectives; The first is to end the reign of those who set him up; The second is to ask Sibel to account for her betrayal. 

What the plot story of Ramo?

Written by Yilmaz Şahin, the director's chair, Yağız Alp Akayaydın. The production of BKM's ambitious series 'Ramo' prepared for Show TV comes to bring the audience together with a story that he will not forget for years. Besides Murat Yildirim, who plays the character 'Ramo', the series includes important actors such as Esra Bilgic, Ilker Aksum, Yigit Özşener, Görkem Sevindik, İdil Firat, Cemre Baysel, Ilhan Şen, Sacide Taşaner and Macit Koper. The series, which was filmed in Adana, focuses on the story of Ramo's extraordinary life, which rebelled against his master, and the deep conflict on the axis of family, justice, revenge, friendship and love.

Who are the player of Ramo?

Murat Yildirim as Ramo

Esra Bilgic as Sibel

Ilker Aksum as Hasan

Yigit Özşener as Yavuz

Görkem Sevindik as Boz

İdil Firat as Fidan

Cemre Baysel as Fatoş

Ilhan Şen as Neco

Wind Aksoy as Successor

Ilkay Kayku as Neslihan

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