Renascence (凤唳九天) Synopsis And Cast: Chinese Drama

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Renascence (凤唳九天) is the latest Chinese drama in historical, romance, and fantasy genres. Produced by iQiyi and Huahua Media, co-directed by Liu Haibo and Shenyang, and starred by Chen Zheyuan, Li Mozhi, Zhang Junning, Cheng Yanqi, Yan Zidong, Zhang Xuan, Zong Fengyan, etc. Chen Zhe Yuan previously starred in The China Handsome Siblings. As for Li Mo Zhi who was Chen Zhe Yua's acting opponent in the drama Renascence, once played in the Mandarin 2018 series Youth. 

Renascence (凤唳九天) has 36 episodes, adapted based on xiao yun's novel of the same name. The series tells the story of the big Chu Queen Yao Moxin being murdered by a traitor. After being reborn into his younger sister Yao Mowan, he fights alongside Prince Su, Ye Junqing, step by step to find the truth and solve the mystery, growing and gaining friendship. And the story of true love. It aired on iQiyi from September 22, 2020 every Tuesday to Friday at 07 P.M.

Synopsis of Renascence

It follows a woman who goes through obstacles in the name of revenge after She is born again. Yao Mo Xin (Eva Cheng) was queen of the Great Chu, she was targeted in a conspiracy that took place inside the royal palace. After a night of storms and lightning, the original soul moves to her younger sister Yao Mo Wan (Li Mo Zhi).

Renascence synopsis
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Now many enemies are after Yao Mo Wan. She ended up falling off a high cliff and losing her memory. Through many strange events, Yao Mo Wan eventually falls in love with Ye Jun Qing (Chen Zhe Yuan). Ye Jun Qing was the prince of Great Chu.

One day, She learned the truth about who she was. Yao Mo Wan came to court to take revenge on those who wanted to kill Her. Mo Wan also found the mastermind behind her death. She is aware of the true nature of King Ye Hong Yi (Johnny Zhang). She was attached to help Ye Jun Qing ascend the throne.

In the process, She is also entangled in romantic relationships with different men who have helped her selflessly. At the end of the story Yao Mo Wan will be able to fulfill her promise. She also managed to avenge her. Mo Wan and Jun Qing are finally together with happy ending story.

Details of Renascence

Title: Renascence

Title: 凤唳九天 (Nine Heavens of Phoenix)

Genres: Drama, Historical, Romance, Fantasy

Country: China

Filming Location: Hengdian Town, Dongyang City, Zhejiang Province

Director: Liu Hai Bo, Shen Yang

Producer: Hua Ping

Screenwriter: Qiu Xing

Production: iQiyi, Zhejiang Huahua TV Film

TV Channel: iQiyi

Number of Episodes: 36 Episodes

Length of Each Episode: 45 minutes

Airdate: September 22, 2020 - October 15, 2020

Airdate: Tuesday - Friday, 19:00 CST

Cast of Renascence

Chen Zhe Yuan as Ye Jun Qing

Li Mo Zhi as Yao Mo Wan

Kevin Yan as Han Jin Yi

Natalie Zhang as Yao Su Luan

Morni Chang as Dou Shi Ming

Zong Feng Yan as Luo Bin

Xu Rong Zhen as Dou Xiang Lan

Johnny Zhang / Zhang Jun Ning as Ye Hong Yi

Yang Xin Ming as Yao Zhen Ting

Zhang Yan Yan as Mo Li

Eva Cheng / Cheng Yan Qiu as Yao Mo Xin

Xue Yi Lun as An Bing Shan


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Too much scheming by Chinese women. Like they are always desperate for a man. Stopped watching couldn’t wait to get into the real plot