Sparkle Love (心动 的 瞬间) Synopsis And Cast: Chinese Drama

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Sparkle Love (心动 的 瞬间) is a Chinese web drama produced by the Mango TV production house which airs on September 16, 2020. This drama can be watched every Wednesday and Thursday at 8 PM. Sparkle Love stars a series of newcomer artists such as Zhang Ling He, Ling Mei Shi, Dai Yun Fan, Suo Lang Mei Qi, and others.

Zhang Ling He made his debut role in the Mandarin drama Maiden Holmes. Meanwhile, Ling Mei Shi has starred in the series The Love by Hypnotic. The Chinese drama Sparkle Love will have 24 episodes. This Chinese Drama is directed by director Huang Yuan Da.

The series tells the inspirational story of Mei Weiwei, a born and strangely capable girl, and Mai Si Chong, a swimming god with zero love experience, who overcome their fear of love and rush to the inspirational story of the love and the courage to pursue their dreams after they overcome their fear of love. The swries was broadcast on Mango TV on September 16, 2020.

Synopsis of Sparkle Love

Mei Weiwei (Ling Mei Shi), a naturally charged girl, will make the boy who was charged feel love at first sight if she doesn't pay attention. The electrified physique brought a lot of trouble to Mei Weiwei's growth process, so she tried to hide her secrets of electrification after going to college, hoping to become a little transparent who is not paid attention to in the crowd.

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At her new university school, she hopes to become an ordinary student without being noticed by many people. There was naturally a large amount of electricity in Mei Weiwei's body. This brought her many problems in her daily life. The electric current residing in her body can even have an effect on the objects she touches.

But unexpectedly and shortly after registering for school she had to get involved with Mai Si Chong (Zhang Ling He). Mai Si Chong is known as a handsome college god and is liked by many women. The open-minded and pure-hearted Mai Si Chong finally fell in love at first sight towards Mei Wei Wei. A lot of effort and hard work to pursue his love.

The open-minded and pure-hearted Mai Sichong fell in love with Mei Wei Wei at first sight, and launched a love offensive towards her with great fanfare. Athlete Maxichong turned on the brainless chasing mode, the road of chasing love is sour and sweet, making his feel "you are in love" in minutes. Mei Wei Wei also actually liked him but afraid to approach him because of the natural electricity that is in her body. How is the story of Mai Si Chong and the electric girl Mei Wei Wei next?

Detail of Sparkle Love

Title: Sparkle Love 

Native Title: 心动 的 瞬间 (The Moment of the Heart)

Genre: Romance, Comedy, School

Country: China

Director: Huang Yuan Da

Producer: -

Screenwriter: Zhao Yue, Wu Yue, Ji Rou Rou

Production: Mango TV, Cai Ke Media

TV channel: Mango TV

Number of Episodes: 24 Episodes

Broadcast period: September 16, 2020, October 9, 2020

Showtimes: Wednesday - Thursday, 20:00 CST


Zhang Ling He as Mai Si Chong

Ling Mei Shi as Mei Wei Wei

Dai Yun Fan as Peng Pai

Suo Lang Mei Qi as Li Dai Xi

Fan Jin Wei as Li Bai Kuang

Ji Mei Han as Jun Jun

Li Xin Zhe as Xia Rui

Tang Team as Ding Yi

Li Mo Ying as Zhang Yu Xin


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