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The Promise of Chang'an (长安诺) is the latest Chinese drama that carries the Historical and Romance genre. This drama airs simultaneously on WeTV starting September 10, 2020 This drama is a remake of the Chinese 2003 Xiaozhuang Epic series with the character's name changed. The Promise of Chang'an can be watched every Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 20.00 CST on WeTV. 

Produced by the famous director Yin Tao of the drama series Under the Power, and Listening Snow Tower. The Chinese drama The Promise of Chang'an (长安诺) stars Sarah Zhao, Cheng Yi, Han Dong, Han Cheng Yu, Vicky Liang, Zhao Dong Ze, Yang Chao Yue, and many more. Sarah Zhao has played in the Chinese series The Legend of White Snake, Return the World to You, and Ming Dynasty. Cheng Yi, Han Cheng Yu, and director Yin Tao worked together on the Chinese Drama Love and Redemption. While the famous actor Han Dong performed well in the dramas Under the Power, Scarlet Heart, and Court Battle.

The series tells the story of the ups and downs of Dasheng Country from turbulence to gradual prosperity. He Lan Ming Yu has grown from a pure and innocent girl to the empress dowager who cares about her family and the world.

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Synopsis of The Promise of Chang'an

The story of a cheerful and naive young girl. She tried to be a wise businessman. Her legendary life and journey of facing adversity to the ordeal of becoming the Empress Dowager of the Great Sheng nation is well known to many people. This story takes place in a fictional land called Sheng. He Lan Ming Yu (Sarah Zhao) is an honest and smart young girl. She is the granddaughter of the Yonglin leader. When she was young, she accidentally met the 9th Prince Xiao Cheng Xu (Cheng Yi). The two of them are close friends and fall in love with each other. But destiny has a different will. He Lan Ming Yu received news that Xiao Cheng Xu had died in battle. 

Xiao Cheng Xu is forced to marry the third princes Xiao Cheng Rui (Han Dong) who is also the crown prince. He was forced to finally agree to the marriage to save Cheng Xu's younger brother named Xiao Cheng Xuan (Zhao Wen Hao). But it turned out that Xiao Cheng Rui also didn't know that Xiao Cheng Xu's death was just fake news that had been circulating. Now Cheng Xu helped Xiao Cheng Rui to make Sheng into a big and stable country until finally big things started to be accomplished. But at the same time Xiao Cheng Rui's jealousy towards his younger brother began to emerge. He even took some out-of-bounds actions. Once Cheng Xu learned the truth about his mother's death. 

Cheng Xu tries to change the situation and seizes the Throne for revenge. Before he could do it Cheng Rui died from an illness he had suffered for a long time. He ordered his son Xiao Qi Yuan to take his place. Cheng Xu is finally forced to help Qi Yuan grow up, and tries to relive his love story with He Lan Ming Yu. Feeling controlled by Cheng Xu, Qi Yuan felt dissatisfied. He also didn't like seeing his uncle cheating on his mother. Finally hatred grows in him Meanwhile Ming Yu tries his best to reconcile his son to make up with Cheng Xu. 

End of Story Spoiler: Xiao Cheng Xu who decided to hand over the throne to Xiao Qiyuan left him with no choice but to become an advisor. He Lan Ming Yu tries to make peace between Xiao Cheng Xu and his son Xiao Qi Yuan. But in the end, Xiao Cheng Xu actually died in the big battle and Qi Yuan also ended up in death. For the future of the Sheng nation, He Lan Ming Yu helped and guided the young emperor to the throne. 

Detail of The Promise of Chang'an

Title: The Promise of Chang'an

Title: 长 安诺 (Chang An Nuo)

Genre: Drama, Historical, Romance

Country: China

Filming Location: Hengdian, In mainland China, 

Director: Yin Tao

Producers: Fang Fang, Zhong Jun Yan, Jiang Lei, Deng Xi Bin

Scriptwriter: Liu Fang, Li Hui Min, Cheng Yu, Pan Hui Cheng, Cheng Ting Yu

Production: H&R Century Pictures, Yue Shi Media, China Wit Media, etc.

Cinematography: Shao Chang Yong

TV channels: Tencent Video, WeTV

Number of Episodes: 61 Episodes

Length of Each Episode: 45 minutes

Broadcast period: September 10, 2020

Showtimes: Thursday - Saturday, 20:00 CST

Cast of The Promise of Chang'an

Cheng Yi as Xiao Cheng Xu

Sarah Zhao / Zhao Ying Zi as He Lan Ming

Yu Han Dong as King Xiao Cheng Rui

Han Cheng Yu as Xiao Qi Han

Vicky Liang as Ling Xun Er

Yang Chao Yue as Dong Ruo

Xuan Zhao Dong Ze as Xiao Qi Yuan

Fu Fang Jun as Xiao Cheng

Yao Vera Zhang as Qiao Hui Fei

Wu Jing Jing as Helan Yun Qi

Aaron Xue as Xiao Qi Rong

Wang Jin Song as Xiao Shang Yuan

Crystal Huang as Su Yu Ying



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