To Dear Myself (亲爱 的 自己) Synopsis And Cast: Chinese Drama

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To Dear Myself (亲爱 的 自己) is an romance emotional inspirational drama co-directed by Ding Hei, Fu Cexin, and Ren Zhong, written by Su Xiaoyuan and Yan Lin, starring Cecilia Liu, Zhu Yi Long, Adi Kan, Peng Guan Ying, and Li Ze Feng.

The beautiful actress Cecilia Liu has starred in the dramas If I Can Love You So, Lost Love in Times, and Scarlet Heart. Zhu Yi Long previously played on the web series Reunion: The Sound of the Providence. Meanwhile, actor Li Ze Feng has been an actor in the Chinese drama "Go Go Squid!".

The series tells the story of urban youth struggling to change and grow under the siege of career, family, love and other realities, and finally find a story that suits their lifestyle. The series premiered on Hunan Satellite TV on September 7, 2020, and simultaneously broadcast on Mango TV.

Synopsis of To Dear Myself

The story is about the story of three young women in the city as well as their experiences in work, family and love. They have a close relationship with each other with the same goal of being successful. Li Siyu (Cecilia Liu) together with Chen Yi Ming (Zhu Yilong) are a strong partner in the corporate world. Li Siyu is a successful sales agent, focused on his brilliant career. Meanwhile, Chen Yi Ming's girlfriend is a passionate manager. 

To Dear Myself synopsis
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One day, Chen Yi Ming lost his job and became the lowest point in his life. Because of this, it caused problems in their relationship. Zhang Zhi Zhi (Adi Kan) and Liu Yang (Peng Guan Ying) are a married couple. Zhang Zhi Zhi is a wife and mother who chooses to work as a regular office employee. He also has simple dreams and takes care of his family. Her life began to fall apart when, she found out that her husband was cheating on her. Meanwhile Gu Xiao Ling (Chen Mi Qi) is single. He has hopes of getting married, but dating is not as easy as he expected. Until finally he met Lei hao Wen (Li Ze Feng). How do the three of them solve their respective problems? Can friendship help them cope with everything?

Detail of To Dear Myself

Title: To Dear Myself

Title: 亲爱 的 自己 (Dear My Self)

Genre: Drama, Romance, Life

Country: China

Filming Location: Shanghai

Directors: Ding Hei, Fu Ce Xin, Ren Zhong

Producers: Zhao Yi, Ji Jun Hong, Ren Xu

Scriptwriter: Su Xiao Yuan

Production: Sichuan Radio and Television, HS Entertainment, Xingkong Yingshi

TV channels: Hunan TV, Mango TV, Viki

Number of Episodes: 45 Episodes

Length of Each Episode: 45 Minute

Premier Time: September 7, 2020 - October 4, 2020

Showtimes: Monday - Sunday, 20:00 CST

Cast of To Dear Myself

Cecilia Liu / Liu Shi Shi as Li Si Yu

Zhu Yi Long as Chen Yi Ming

Adi Kan / Kan Qing Zi as Zhang Zhi Zhi

Peng Guan Ying as Liu Yang

Chen Mi Qi as Gu Xiaoling

Li Ze Feng as Lei hao Wen

Zhai Zi Lu as Guan Xiaotang

Zhang Yao as Yuan Huizhong

Yao Lu as Pan Zhiyong

Che Xiao as Zi Ru Yu X

iao Wei as Zhang Yanzhou

Yue Hong as Mother of Liu Yao

An Lian as Father of

Li Wang Yang as Su Lixing

Tian Xiao Jie as Gao Zhengdao


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