Türkan Hanım’ın Konağı Synopsis And Cast: Turkish Drama

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Here are Türkan Hanım’ın Konağı synopsis, cast, character cast, filming location, released date, channel television and first trailer promotion ...

Türkan Hanım’ın Konağı (Türkan Hanım's Mansion) will be in front of trt 1 screens on Monday, September 14, 2020 at 09:30. The series will be on screens in a style you have never seen before and will be both a series and a program. There will be a series because every week a sample topic will be discussed in this series; Because every week, expert guests will participate in the program to give the viewer daily practical information. There will also be a recipes section of the series.

Türkan Hanım’ın Konağı (Türkan Hanım's Mansion) series, which will be brought to the screens by placing a program inside a series, will be included in the cast of the series with many young talents that we have never seen on the screens.

Synopsis of Türkan Hanım’ın Konağı

The series will be revealed to the audience of a solid family structure, which is the long-established legacy of our traditions. From seven to seventy, there will be a series that all viewers can enjoy watching.

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Cast of Türkan Hanım’ın Konağı

Ayşen Inci as Turan

Ayşen inci, an experienced actress born in Ankara on June 7, 1955, is 64 years old. Ayşen inci, who is much loved for her portrayal of Perilice in the tv series Sihirli Annem (Magic Mother), is a graduate of Ankara State Conservatory and has worked at Ankara State Theatre for many years. The successful actress, who previously has been in tv shows such as Vurgun and Sahsiyet (Personality), lastly gave life to the character of Ulviye in the daily series Calikusu (Wounded Birds).

Turan is the owner of Turman Mansion and the mother of Omar.

Arzu Yanardağ as Rabia Turkan

Arzu Yanardağ, born August 31, 1977 in Istanbul, is 43 years old. Arzu Yanardag, who entered the industry as a catwalk model, decided to become an actress when she was highly acclaimed in modelling and trained in acting at MSM Actor Studio. Arzu yanardag, known to many as Cansu in the series Umutsuz Ev Kadinlari, last appeared on screens as Hulya in Calikusu. Arzu Yanardağ, who has appeared in many films and tv shows, has previously appeared as Candan in ODHA. In 2008, she married Serhat Turkan and ended her three-year marriage in 2011. Arzu Karadag is 169 cm tall and weighs 51 kg.

Rabia Türkan is the lady's daughter-in-law. She is a hamarat and a deed mother. She knows how to lift people when she falls, and she's very helpful.

Mürşit Aga Bag as Omar

Mürşit Aga Bag was born in 1968 and is under the age of 52. A graduate of the State Conservatory, the experienced actress has worked in City Theatres for many years. Many viewers recognize Mürşit Aga Bag for his portrayal of Said Nursî in The Free Man. Mürşid Aga Bag, who has been the lead in many series, is also known as the former in Uvey Baba and Huzur Sokagi series.

Omar is the hero of all the children of the mansion and the son of Turman. He has two sons.

Egemen Duman as Batuhan

Batuhan Omar and Rabia's youngest son is also the youngest granddaughter of Turman and the joy of the house. Batuhan is an 11-year-old boy who is very intelligent and mobile.

Okan Yigit as Metehan

Born in Antalya in 1996, Okan Yigit is 24 years old. Okan Yigit, who works and trained at antalya state theatre, is known as a successful Youtuber. 

Metehan is Batuhan's beloved brother. They were the eldest sons of Metehan Rabia and Omar. 

Almira Tuğgül Küçükoğlu as Zahra

Zahra is a successful doctor and Berna's twin.

Sevgi Temel as Berna

Berna is Zahra's twin. He is just as successful a doctor as Zahra; they graduated from medical school together and successfully. She is married to Berna Cem.  

Hasan Demirtas as Cem

Hasan Demirtaş, who studied theatre at Ankara University, has been on theatre stage since 2010. Hasan Demirtaş, who started his career at Ankara State Theatre, has been involved in many films. Hasan Demirtas Esra Akkoyunlu is a player of the agency.

Cem is the romantic wife of Berna.

Günce Mutlu as Gökçe

Gökçe is the only chef of the mansion. She is very loving while her heart is quite delicious.

Buket Dereoğlu as Idil

Born in Istanbul in 1970 and now under 50 years of age, Buker Dereoğlu graduated from Mimar Sinan University theatre department. He has been involved in numerous films as a theatre-goer for a while. Buket Dereoğlu is 1.65 meters tall and weighs 53 kg; She's single now and has a daughter.

Idil is one of Rabia's closest friends.

Münibe Millet as Nurhayat

Nurhayar is a close friend of Idil and Rabia. They're the kokos of the mansion.

Kenan Ciniviz as Orhan

Orhan is the Adana master of the mansion.

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