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Turkish Drama 'Ramo' Season 2 Released Date

The new 2nd season trailer of Ramo has released: 'A servant of God will not be able to subjugate me.' 

When does Ramo start? Countdown for Ramo new 2nd season begin.... The first trailer for season 2 of the Ramo series has been released. Ramo, who finished the season early due to pandemic, has started the countdown to the new season. Murat Yildirim, Esra Bilgic, Ilker Aksum, Görkem Sevindik, including the names of the new season 1 trailer of the series ramo in our news. So when does the new 2nd season released? Here are all the details...

Ramo is growing in excitement for the new season. The new season of the Ramo series continues to air. The cast includes Murat Yildirim and Esra Bilgic as the first name of 'Istanbul underworld' Olgun Simsek  as Cihangir.

It's curious when the Ramo series will begin. Ramo is growing in excitement for the new season. After being released from prison in the new season, the top family of the underworld will be yarns in Istanbul, directly opposite Ramo, who is fighting at the top.

Ramo season 2 release date
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With the trailer for the series Ramo, the new season date began to be curious. The show's new season start date has not yet been announced. There has been no announcement yet about when the new season of the Ramo series will begin. Show TV's official website has the phrase 'soon'. But like many series, Ramo will appear in front of the audience in September 18, 2020 with its new season.


Show TV's acclaimed series, produced by BKM, Murat Yildirim's 'Ramo' character brought to life RAMO's new season is counting down the days to meet the audience. After leaving prison in the new season, there is the peak family of the underworld in Istanbul, directly opposite Ramo, who is at the top of the war: Yarns!

The leader of the family is Cihangir, the top name of the Istanbul underworld. Cihangir, played by Olgun Simsek, has a great intelligence, solves every problem with tactics, as if playing chess. The feelings of Ahsen, the wife of Pelin Körmcu, are very strong, and they can make a sense of what will happen beforehand. Cihangir and Ahsen have two children, Nehir and Taner. Nehir, where Devrim Özkan will come to life, knows the dark and dirty work his family is in, but he always stays away from these jobs.

Nehir is sane, honest doctor. Taner, on the contrary, lives to become his father's son, for his approval. Taner, played by Bora Cengiz, is not a man who acts with his intelligence, but with his emotions. Mustafa Yildirim will portray the East, which is not attached to the family of yarn, but is cihangir's most unique man. The east is a blind, intelligent, fearless man. He's got a secret he's hiding from everyone, nobody knows. But there's a big secret that's hidden from him about himself, and only Ramo knows it.



Ramo 11. In the section; Ramo and Sibel's love has been defeated years later. Two lovers start living in the same house. But happiness is not as close as they think. Their greatest enemies have emerged again, preparing to ruin the future of the two.

Alpay, who took refuge with the police, decided to provide all the information about the commission. Solomon will not allow it. He offers Alpay an offer he can't refuse with his lawyer. Ramo understood that Solomon had already heard from every step of his step.


Written by Toprak Karaoğlu, Seda Karaoğlu and Birol Tezcan, the ambitious series 'Ramo' prepared by BKM for Show TV, where M. Çağatay Tosun sits in the director's chair, comes to bring the audience together with a story that he will not forget for years. Apart from Murat Yildirim, who gave life to the character 'Ramo', the series includes important actors such as Esra Bilgic, Ilker Aksum, Yigit Özşener, Görkem Sevindik, İdil Firat, Cemre Baysel, Ilhan Şen, Sacide Taşaner and Macit Koper. The series, which was filmed in Adana, focuses on the story of Ramo's extraordinary life, which rebelled against his master, and the deep conflict on the axis of family, justice, revenge, friendship and love.

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