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Way Back Into Love (拾 光 里 的 我们) Synopsis And Cast: C-Drama

Way Back Into Love (拾 光 里 的 我们) is a Chinese Drama produced by Tencent Penguin Pictures. This drama airs simultaneously on WeTV starting September 4, 2020. This drama raises the Comedy and Romance genres. Way Back Into Love or known as “Way Back to Love” can be watched every Thursday to Saturday at 19.00 at Tencent Video, Viki, and WeTV. For the first week, the Mandarin drama which has 26 episodes will air from Friday to Sunday.

Starring a series of famous actors, ranging from Daddi Tang, Sun Qian, Wang You Jun, Rain Shen, Zhang Hao Lun, and others. Daddi Tang has starred in dramas To Get Her, Put Your Head on My Shoulder, and Queen Dugu. For the beautiful actress Sun Qian looks neat in the Dr. series. Cutie, Sweet Tai Chi, and Meteor Garden. Meanwhile, Wang You Jun, who played Fang Lie in the Chinese drama My Girlfriend is an Alien. 

The Chinese drama Way Back Into Love (拾 光 里 的 我们) was adapted based on the novel of the same name by Sui Huozhu. The series tell the story of a two-way crush and unfinished emotion in childhood. After a lapse of seven years, they met again. After a lot of misunderstandings and twists and turns, the two finally confirmed each other and worked hand in hand to solve the cause. And emotional crisis, draw a perfect end to the unfinished regret of youth.

Way Back Into Love
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Synopsis of Way Back Into Love

The story of two people who have lost the opportunity to confess their love when they were young and finally meet again after seven years and the two fall in love again for the second time. This story begins when Lu Jia (Sun Qian) becomes a student and often spends his time at school. The ordinary life she lives changes when Lu Jia meets a young man named Xu Jia Xiu (Daddi Tang). He was a student next door and Xu Jia Xiu was the type of guy Lu Jia liked. But her love is unrequited because Lu Jia harbored feelings and never expressed them. 

Until one day, Lu Jia ventured to write him a love letter. Even though he didn't reply, Xu Jia Xiu also had feelings for the girl who wrote the letter. As time went on, they graduated from school and since then the two have lost contact with each other. Lu Jia left and continued his studies abroad. After years of studying abroad, Lu Jia is now back in his hometown. Fate reunited him with Xu Jia Xiu. Now Xu Jia Xiu is a leader in a company, on the other hand Lu Jia is an employee at Xu Jia Xiu's company. 

After reuniting, Lu Jia tried not to waste his chance and this reunion made old love blossom between the two of them again. Even though they love each other, their journey to become lovers is not an easy one. Many unexpected obstacles await them. What is the next exciting story from the two lovebirds' journey? Would Lu Jia and Xu Jia Xiu be the perfect match?

Detail of Way Back Into Love

Title: Way Back Into Love

Title: 拾 光 里 的 我们 (We in the Light)

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Country: China

Filming location: Wuxi

Director: Yang Huan

Scriptwriter: Li Ye Mao, Sui Hou Zhu

Production: Tencent Penguin Pictures, Huace Media

TV channels: Tencent Video, WeTV, Viki

Number of Episodes: 26 Episodes

Length of Each Episode: 45 Minutes

Broadcast period: September 4, 2020

Showtimes: Thursday - Saturday, 19:00 CST

Cast of Way Back Into Love

Daddi Tang / Tang Xiao Tian as Xu Jia Xiu

Sun Qian / Wang You Jun as Lu Jia

Wang You Jun as Ye Ang Yang

Zhang Jia Xi as Janice

Zhang Haolun as Wang Di

Wang Junhao as Zhang Liang

Huang Zixing as Xiao Da

Chen Xun as Song Junxi

Jiang Yi as Zhou Yunbo


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