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Who are the cast of Arıza (The Fault) series? What are the character cast?

Show TV's new season series, signed by O3 Media, starring Tolga Sarıtaş and Ayça Ayşin Turan, 'Arıza (The Fault)' meets with the audience with the new episode this evening. So what's the story? Who are in the casts? What the character cast? Here are detail...

Show TV's new series Arıza (The Fault) is coming to screens every saturday night. The story is notable: The life of Ali Reza, a man who is fond of his family, decent and honest; It changes when he rescues Halide, who gets into his car by chance. Ali Reza is destined to be a hero now; Halide is destined to face the dark past that has emerged. Ali Reza and Halide, who crossed paths by chance, are not yet aware that they will walk along this path together. 

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Who are Arıza (The Fault) Character Cast

Ali Riza Altay (Tolga Saritas) 

Ali Riza Altay is a taxi driver who lives with his family in istanbul's neighborhood culture. He lives with his sister Nihan and his mother Rukiye in their two-story wooden house dating back to his late father. With the early death of his father, Mehmet Emin Bey, Ali Reza said goodbye to his university dream and put the family's livelihood on its burden. He has a "faça" from the little fights he enters when he has to, but he has never been eager to be one of those bullies with a gun at the back. What he cares about is the shiar of the Thamete: "There are two things to fight for: our home, our honor". 

Ali Reza, with this shiarla, took care of his family, and now, like his son, is preparing to marry his beloved sister Nihan to his best friend Ferit. But these days, the events that began when Ali Reza resisted those who wanted to forcibly take a vulnerable customer (Halide) out of his taxi, salt and ice the small and ordinary world of Ali Reza. Ali Reza, from being an ordinary taxi driver, is thus on his compulsory journey to ascend to the throne of Istanbul's greatest criminal kingdom. After that, it is not Ali Riza, it will be referred to as "ARIZA"... 

Halide Gürkan (Ayça Ayşin Turan)

Halide, the daughter of Hasmet Gürkan, who sits on the throne of Istanbul's biggest criminal kingdom, lives a simple life working as a doctor in Van. He's temperamentally calm and compassionate, but he's courageous. Halide's life was blacked out on the day he finished the 1st grade of his university, returning from a celebration with his mother and two older brothers, the day his jeeps were scanned. Halide was the only one who survived the massacre. It's pure coincidence that Hasmet wasn't in the car. Halide has been wondering for years why he survived, or rather survived.  

At the time of the massacre, the masked assailant did not shoot Halide, but took his mother's gift from his neck by pulling his necklace in the form of an infinity symbol. When Halide comes back to Istanbul for her father's 61st birthday, all the secret curtains will begin to be opened... Halide turns ali rıza's taxi to escape Burak Ersoylu, where he realizes his obsession with himself. Ali Reza will save him from the hands of Burak Ersoylu who intercepted his path, this will start Ali Reza's journey to become A.Riza, while Halide will fall in love with him, and he will go on a journey to the dark corners of his life that he never knew...

Haşmet Gürkan (Ahmet Mümtaz Taylan)

Hasmet was born in 1959 in Yoroz district of Trabzon, lived illegal life with his father at a young age, was cleared by burning down the houses of his enemies, avenged and imprisoned. For Hasmet, maphus is where he met Isaac, who he called both the school and Can Dostum. Afla comes out of prison and comes to Istanbul and builds a whole new life with Isaac.  But it never wonders one thing: loyalty! While the underworld is busy filling its pockets from the stock market and usury, Hasmet makes a series of very bloody operations at lightning speed in separate locations on the same day.  As a result of this operation, the map of istanbul's underworld changes completely and Hasmet becomes the king of the city... 

Years later, Hasmet takes his beloved friend Isak's son Fuat into his care as soon as he hears that his friend Isak and his children have been killed and the family is in a very difficult situation. But Fuat will respond to this goodness by slaughtering Hashemmet's family and being established on the throne of king. Fuat managed to pin his betrayal on Hasmet's opponents and kept his secret for years. But this secret is counting down the days to be revealed by Fuat's son Burak's weakness for Hasmet's daughter Halide... Hasmet Gürkan will re-enter the dark world where he took a skirt, replace his lost sons with Ali Reza, and walk with Ali Reza on this journey.

Burak Ersoylu (Olgun Toker)

Burak Ersoylu, king of the criminal world, is the second son and heir to Fuat Ersoylu. His father is not yet fuat ersoylu, today's glory, but hasmet Gürkan's "next" command. Burak's fate is determined by his father's ambition to become Hasmet Gürkan. Their mother's problem, which turned into depression and then cancer, is the price of this ambition. In Burak, the lack of breast milk, love and compassion has created a huge void. With this emptiness, Burak eventually becomes a psychopathic and obsessive character. The name of this obsession is Halide, daughter of Hasmet Gürkan. 

When Fuat Ersoylu slaughtered Halide's family, he left Burak Halide safe, ripped off his necklace to get something from him for the first time, and kept it a secret. Even if he call Halide love what he hears, Burak is too numb and too smart to recognize love. The enemy of his intelligence and abilities is his own anger and narcissism. Accustomed to having everything he wants, the heir to the criminal kingdom, Burak Ersoylu, will make big mistakes with the "wound" on his ego when Halide definitively rejects him, create an enemy called A.Reza, and turn into a monster that even his father will fear he has created in the end, in an attack on his head...

Fuat Ersoylu (Levent Can)

Fuat Ersoylu merged the criminal kingdom of Istanbul into a consortium and established his throne. He didn't come here easily. While his father, Isaac, smuggles through the Black Sea, the return of the expedition is killed. Young Fuat is ed by his father's old friend, the king of the time, Hasmet Gürkan. This is how Fuat Ersoylu's journey to the king's throne begins. Hasmet Gürkan, even if he called him "my son", will be replaced by his own son. But Fuat wants the throne, not dry love. After that, the choice is clear: Betrayal... Fuat, when the day comes, Hasmet Gürkan's family slaughtered two sons and blames the biggest rivals. For revenge, he takes a sign from Hashemet, cleans up the opponents, and the throne is established. But that massacre turns Burak into a psychopath and Murat into an alcoholic man who can't bear the burden of conscience. Fuat's great test will be that Burak Ersoylu, who he considers his heir, will trouble A.Reza, who will endanger the entire kingdom because of his obsessive love for Hasmet's daughter.

Muzaffer Cura (Murat Daltaban)

Muzaffer is a wolf intelligence officer in his early 50s. As a front, he works as a museum manager. For him, it's the state's future! There's nothing, no one, he wouldn't sacrifice, including his own life. Mehmet Emin loves his brother's son Ali Riza from the heart. After Nihan's death, ali does not approve of the path that Reza entered, but after a while he will realize that he can benefit from Ali Reza. 

Ali will change Reza over time, a statesman will act with meticulousness Muzaffer, but while fighting this bloody criminal network, Muzaffer will also change.

Füsun Yilmaz (Dilara Aksüyek)

Füsun is a 25-year-old lawyer who lives in ali rıza's neighborhood. She has long admired Ali Reza and dreams of marriage to him. No one in the neighborhood noticed this, especially Ali Reza's older sister Emine. Ali Reza, on the other hand, does not appear to be very oriental and does not understand the innuendo of Fusun. With the unfortunate incident that happened to Ali Reza, Füsun took on the case and heavily edicted to win this case. He will provide justice for the wound in the heart of the man he loves, and he will use this path to enter that heart. However, with the release of Burak Ersoylu, Fusun's hopes for Ali Reza are daged. On the one hand, halide and Ali Reza's close izations are followed with concern. While Füsun will do his best not to lose Ali Reza to Halide and halide's world with all his ambition, burak's brother Murat Ersoylu will cross paths, enter through the door of a different world on this path for Ali Reza, and both his plans and himself will change.

Murat Ersoylu (Cavit Cetin Güner)

Murat Ersoylu was Fuat's first son. Unlike his brother Burak, the child blames himself for his mother's death. He loves his mother, but he feels guilty about it. Shortly after his mother's death, murat's wound deepens as his father forcibly activated the massacre, which he had been planing for years.  Murat can't understand how Burak is so brazen and numb, and how he's still after Halide after all the events.  However, halide's learning of the massacre, Burak spilling innocent blood again and the pain of Ali Reza, Murat's conscience will awaken, will open his voice too much to drown in alcohol. Murat is not yet strong enough to listen to the voice of his conscience, he will need to learn this in time...

Mithat Tekinoğlu (Ali Rıza Kubilay)

Mithat is a former bureaucrat in his mid-50s. Mithat, who had a poor childhood and did not leave this young man, who he had taken from the vagrants at the time, alone during his educational life, was also very impressed by Hasmet's fatherly attitude and was under his influence at a young age. From the outside, it's a long way from the profile of a mobster, Mithat. The education he receives carries the air of the bureaucracy in which he grows. People who see him think he's a gentleman of Istanbul.  Although their marriage to Melek is not a love marriage, they eventually get used to each other. 

When Hasmet's family was slaughtered, Mithat was sad, but on the one hand, he was glad that he felt it was his turn. Hashemi, however, disrupts all of Mithat's plans and declares Fuat as the new leader of the criminal organization he founded over the years. This development has angered Angel endlessly, who thinks that losing both Mithat and her sister can make some compensation for the fact that her husband is the new leader.

Mert Altay (Yağız Can Konyalı)

Mert, i'm going to have He is the younger brother of Ali Reza. Mert, who lost his father when he was just 10 years old, has never felt his fatherlessness thanks to Ali Reza, but he has never been as organized, disciplined and hardworking as Ali Reza. He's as smart as his older brother, he's graduated easily, he's won engineering school without stopping. He is a child who has always maintained respect for his family and brother; However, unlike Ali Reza, he does not believe in the lesser and wants to find something better for himself and his family. Nihan is the most valuable asset in life. He protects her like an eye. Nihan is both his brother and his closest confidant and friend. 

Mert is uncalculable, unbridled attitude will continue to grow after Nihan's death. Mert will be part of a small-scale gang, then its leader. The stronger he gets, the more he wants, until he gets strong enough and gets nihan's revenge. 

Mert Ali Reza's weak belly will continue to be his greatest weakness, Ali Reza could not prevent Nihan's death, but he will do his best to prevent Mert's flailing.

Hasan Kirbaş (Ali Seçiner Buyer)

Hasan is in his 50s, with his old ear cut off, now a penitor and the butler of the taxi rank where Ali Reza works. When Hasan was still a young boy, where he entered as a pavilion bouncer, he quickly became a notorious and trouble-sleathing gunman, 16 years of his life in various prisons, but these sentences made him more angry than rehabilitated. An incident in my hand caused Hasan to face his life painfully, hasan left everything behind and started to be a butler in a taxi rank. 

Hasan soon becomes the beloved and respected brother of the neighborhood. Hasan tries to pay for his diet by admonishing the young lads of the neighborhood not to go down his own path, protecting them from bad realms. 

He realized the potential of Ali Reza, a fat-wee lad, and started the business at the stop where he worked to get him to some kind of protection. When Ali Reza goes to war with istanbul's notorious mafia bosses, it will be Hasan who is trying to reason and lead him.

Derya Tekinoglu (Hazal Benli)

Derya, Halide's aunt, is the angel's daughter in her early 20s. Derya, thanks to the wealth of her family, lived a spoiled childhood in prosperity. He's the pupil of both his mother and his father. Because he is not very successful in his courses, he finishes university in private school with a business education. He never thought about working.

Derya, who frequently travels abroad, loves shopping, and pay great attention to her physy and appearance, is aware of her father's dirty work with Hasmet and Fuat and is not bothered by it, so the real thing for her is to maintain her standard of living and to maintain the wealth she has. He loves Halide wholeheartedly and secretly admires her. But when it comes to his family's interests, he will not hesitate to even endanger Halide.

Melek Tekinoğlu (Yeşim Salkı)

Melek is the sister of Khadija, the late wife of Hasmet Gürkan. Their marriage to Mithat is not a love marriage, but over time they get used to each other. For years, he easily adapted to mithat's bureaucratic environment, taking his respectful and beloved marital life as an example, which his sister and brother-in-law witnessed in their marriage. 

At the point where the angel feels that he is used to all the rules of this world and is no longer afraid, fate plays a bitter game for him. His sister and two nephews are slaughtered. Only his youngest nephew Halide survived the massacre. The angel falls down and hugs Halide tightly. He blames Hasmet for the death of his sister and two nephews. 

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