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Bir Annenin Günahı Episode 1: Trailer And Summary

Bir Annenin Günahı (A Mother's Sin) 1st episode trailer has been released! When does the series start? Whay the story? Who are the actors-actresses?

Kanal D is offering an adaptation of the series to its audience. 'Bir Annenin Günahı (A Mother's Sin)', which set ratings records in Philippines, will soon be on Kanal D screens. Kanal D's production of Limon Yapım, produced by Hayri Aslan's new series will meet with the audience very soon. The 1st episode trailer has been released.

Bir Annenin Günahı (The Sin of a Mother) will begin on Kanal D screens very soon with the 1st Episode Trailer. You can watch The Sin of a Mother 1st Episode trailer in hd quality. 

The Story of Bir Annenin Günahı

Mert Yazicioglu, Simay Barlas and Pamir Pekin are among the cast of 'The Sin of a Mother's', which set ratings records in the Philippines. The drama of a mother standing on her own two feet but having to commit a crime for her child, and the sin of a mother who processes the love story of two young people to be tested by this fact, will stand out with her dramatic story.

Bir Annenin Günahı episode 1
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Bir Annenin Günahı Series Cast

There have also been significant changes in the cast of the series signed by Limon Yapım. Mehmet Aslantuğ, who shared the lead roles with Özge Özberk, was no longer in the cast, while Musa Uzunlar and Emre Kınay were the participants in the project. Read Also All Episode of Bir Annenin Günahı (The Sin of a Mother)

Özge Özberk, Musa Uzunlar, Emre Kınay, Mert Yazicioglu, Simay Barlas and Pamir Pekin share the lead roles of "Bir Annenin Günahı (The Sin of a Mother)", which is adapted from the record-breaking series "A Mother's Guilty" in Philippines.

The presentation of the series, which will meet with the audience soon, received full notes with both stunning scenes and music. The images accompanied by the touching music of Mohsen Namjoo, a world-renowned Iranian musician who also gave concerts in Turkey, were deeply affecting and aroused curiosity in the audience.

Bir Annenin Günahı 1st Episode Trailer

Will Suna accept Sadri's offer to save her life-or-death Son?

Suna's son, Mert, is hospitalized in the bakery where he works. His colleagues rushed him to the hospital. Mert is in critical condition. Suna will be sadness-crazied when she hears about her son. Suna, who takes her breath in the hospital, becomes desperate. She needs a lot of money to get rid of his son. At this very time, he is surprised at what he will do with the offer from Sadri.

Sadri, on the other hand, suffers from difficulties in business life. Sadri, who is on the verge of bankruptcy, is looking for ways out. He gets the sad news from cetin, a childhood friend and employee. His company's bankrupt. Sadri considers ending his own life as the only remedy as he searchs for ways to get rid of the black mark on his work life. That's when Suna and her paths merge. She offers to kill herself and tells him she's going to give her the money to save her child's life. Suna begins to be crushed under a difficult decision. She is either going to save her kid by Sadri's killing, or she's going to refuse the offer and lose her son.

What kind of decision will Suna make? Is Suna going to kill Sadri? What's Mert's disease? Will Mert survive? The answer to all these questions is in the first episode, which will air on Kanal D on Saturday, November 21st at 08 P.M.

Bir Annenin Günahı Episode 1 Summary

Bir Annenin Günahı episode 1, who was prepared to be screened on FOX last season and postponed filming due to coronavirus pandemia, continues on her new channel in the new season.

Miran, who came to get justice and revenge on Azize, made Aslan's dreams about Reyyan get him wrong. He has a very important knowledge that he believes is justified in his suspicions against Aslan. Zahra, on the other hand, does not believe in the fact that Hazar may have killed Mehmet Aslanbey, and Miran Aslanbey. She decides to uncover all the facts by proving that he is the son of Hazar longiary. Azize, who tried to keep Aslan away from Reyyan after what happened, encounters a surprise he never expects, while Miran, who wants to prove that the doubts are justified, challenges Aslan to share his trump card.

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