Character And Profile Cast of Güneşi Beklerken (Waiting For The Sun)

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Profile Cast and Their Character in Güneşi Beklerken (Waiting For The Sun). The real name and age of the players. Who's on the show? Cast team list, lead role, side role, female, male, child, guest, episode, departing old and participating new season actors, illustrated descriptions.

Kanal D aired a single season of 54 episodes from July 2, 2013 to July 27, 2014. The day of publication (September 22, 2013) was released on Tuesday from episode 13. The show lasted 120 minutes. Filming of the single-season television series took place non-stop from May 28, 2013 to July 13, 2014, during which a total of 334 days were worked. 

Since the 44th episode of the series, the screenwriter has been re-cast. Gökhan Horzum and his team were separated by Ekin Atalar, Ayşin Akbulut, Atasay Koç and continued with Dream Workers and Deniz Dargı. 

Gunesi Bekleren character cast
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Character Cast of Güneşi Beklerken

Hande Dogandemir as Zeynep Yilmaz

Zeynep is 16 years old... She lives with her mother Demet in a small seaside town.

Kerem Bürsin as Kerem Sayer

Kerem Sayer is 17 or 18 years old. He's the only child of the Sayers from wealthy families. Handsome, charismatic, badly intelligent...

Ismail Ege Sasmaz as Barış Erdogan

17-18 years old... Barış Erdogan is a calm, peaceful and good boy in his own right.

Ebru Aykac as Demet Yilmaz

Demet Yilmaz is Zeynep's mother, 35 years old. She's a combative, stubborn, proud woman who does what she puts her mind to. He's had to fight hard his whole life, and he's overcome them all.

Emre Kınay as Cihan Güzel

Cihan Güzel is Zeynep's real father, 38 years old. Handsome, charismatic, legendary basketball player of the time.

Gökçe Yanardağ as Tülin Güzel

Tülin Güzel is Cihan's wife, and Melis' mother. A 34-year-old woman who is very beautiful, charming, who values her and her beauty more than anything.

Yağmur Tanrısevsin as Melis Güzel

Melis Güzel is 16 years old, daughter of Tulin and Cihan.

Simay Küçük Tuna as Sevim Sayer

Sevim Sayer is Kerem's mother

Hasan Şahinturk as Ahmet Sayer

Ahmet Sayer is Kerem's father

Ece Dizdar as Melda

She is Jale's older sister

Deniz Türker as Jale

She is Demet's best friend

Merve Hazer as Yagmur

He is Zeynep's best friend

Hale Akinli as Behice

She is Baris's grandmother

Ozan Osmanpasaoglu as Aksel Varol

While she was previously hostile to Peace because of the basketball game, he began to struggle with Kerem after meeting him.

Emre Törün as Mehmet Varol

He is Aksel's father

Yusuf Gökhan Atalay as Tayfun

Demet and Cihan's friend. Zeynep's father is who he thinks he is.

Nilay Deniz as Begum Varol

He is Aksel's brother

Yigit Özyer as Sadat

Kerem and Barış's classmate

Songül Kaya as Hafize

She is Yagmurs's mother, the school's cook

Efecan Senolsun as Can

He is Kerem's best friend, Rain's lover

Emrah Ozcelik as Ufuk

He is Sayerler's driver

Caner Lightning ace Koray Sayer

Kerem's brother, who died years ago

Can Sipahi as Bora

Zeynep's friend from Golizi. He's in love with Zeynep and he's coming to Istanbul for her.

Funda Ilhan as 

Aksel and Begum's mother.

Tekin Temel as Cem

İhsan Ustaoğlu as Antikacı

Murat Ormıyak as Hakim

Duygu Sarışın

Volkan Bora Dilek

Öznur Ön

İlay Erkök

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