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Demet Özdemir: Short Biography And Profile

Who is Demet Özdemir, where is she from and how old is she? What about the life of Demet Özdemir?

Who is Demet Özdemir? How old is she and where is she originally from? questions are on the agenda of the tabloid press. Demet Özdemir, one of the most popular beautiful actors of the last period, attracts almost everyone with her successful acting and beauty. Here are those who are curious about the beautiful actress Demet Özdemir, a short life story, productions and biography...

Who is Demet Özdemir? 

The questions were the subject of curiosity from the show's audience. The details about demet Özdemir, the actor of the tv series Fate of the House where you were born, are in our news... In the Turkish Series Doğduğun Ev Kaderindir (My Home My Destiny); Zeynep character portraying Demet Özdemir about those who are curious about our news compiled.

demet ozdemir profile
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Demet Özdemir was born in Kocaeli on February 26, 1992, the youngest of three children. Demet Özdemir separated from her mother and father when she was 8 years old. Thus, she settled permanently in Istanbul with her mother. After completing her high school education at evening high school, she took a dance theatre course from Shahika Tekand. Demet Özdemir is 1.70 cm tall.

She first started her career as one of the dancers of the voice artist Bengü. She attracted attention with her flexible movements and soon managed to become one of Efes Kızları (The Ephesus Girls). In 2009, she was a dancing girl in singer Mustafa Sandal's music video "Ates Et".

In 2012, Demet Özdemir had the chance to become the recognized face of screens with her pegasus commercial. She began her tv career in 2013 by playing Aylin in the tv series "I'll Tell You a Secret". He then played Alya in the tv series "Kurt Seyit and Şura", starring Kivanc Tatlitug. The famous singer last appeared in the 2015 film "Keep Your Word".

Demet Özdemir Series Players

2013 - Sana Bir Sır Vereceğim (I'll Tell You a Secret)

2014 - Kurt Seyit ve Şura

2014 - Kaçak Gelinler (Runaway Brides)

2015 - Tut Sözünü (Keep Your Promise)

2015 - Çilek Kokusu (Strawberry Scent)

2016 - No: 309

2018 - Erkenci Kuş (Early Bird)

2019 - Doğduğun Ev Kaderindir (My Home My Destiny)

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