Maria Ile Mustafa Episode 6: Trailer And Summary

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Watch the 6th episode trailer for Maria Ile Mustafa! In the last episode; Maria and Mustafa decided to flee from Cappadocia.

Maria Ile Mustafa are eagerly awaited by viewers of the 6th episode trailer. So, has Maria and Mustafa released the 6th episode trailer? Here are the details...

Maria Ile Mustafa, which started to be broadcast on ATV screens, are also in front of the audience this week. The series quickly reached a significant audience and wants to continue its success. A new episode on the channel is also curiously awaited. What's going to happen will lock viewers in front of the screen.

Starring Hilmi Cem Intepe and Jessica May, Maria Ile Mustafa episode 6 aired on ATV screens on the evening of October 11. So, what happened in the last episode of Maria and Mustafa?

maria ile mustafa episode 6
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What happen in the last episode?

Maria and Mustafa, who gave up everything because of their love for each other and decided to flee Cappadocia, expect a very bad surprise just outside Urgup. Unable to make Mustafa proud to give up on himself, Gonca also succeeds in holding on to life with Nadire's help.

Everyone at Candemir Mansion is deeply shaken by both incidents. The victor finally obtains maria's land, which he has been pursuing since day one, and pays a significant price in return. Kudret, who wants to prevent Maria and Mustafa from going away, pays a heavy price for his great efforts.

Maria Ile Mustafa Episode 6 Trailer

Maria Ile Mustafa Episode 6 Summary

Kudret, who has a heart spasm, scares everyone a lot. Using this situation, he tries to persuade Maria goncaand Mustafa to come to the cons. Lost control because of her hatred for Maria, Gonca removes her anger from the mansion's employees. Sahin, who can no longer bear the constant scolding of himself in front of his father, wife and daughter, reacts unexpectedly harshly to Kudret. Hasmet Yalcinoglu, who heard about what happened in Candemir Mansion, takes action with great anger.  

Maria Ile Mustafa Episode 6 are on ATV on every Sunday at 08.P.M! Read Also All Episode of Maria Ile Mustafa

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