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Maria Ile Mustafa Episode 7: Trailer And Summary

Watch the new 7th episode trailer of Maria Ile Mustafa! What will happen in the new episode on October 18th?

Maria Ile Mustafa appeared in front of an audience on ATV with the 6th episode. Maria Ile Mustafa, who are highly acclaimed, also attract attention with their cast. So, what happened in the last episode? Here are the details...

Maria Ile Mustafa recently screened the new episode. After the last episode, the audience explores the trailer for Maria and Mustafa 7. Maria and Mustafa, who are presented to the audience on Sunday evenings with their exciting subject matter and actors, are in our news about the new episode trailer and more. The 7th episode trailer of Maria Ile Mustafa, which appeared on ATV on Sunday evenings, also appeared before their fans. What dangers await Maria and Mustafa? Full details will be in the new episode, which will air on October 18.

maria ile mustafa episode 7
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What happen in the last episode? 

Kudret, who has a heart spasm, scares everyone a lot. Using this situation, he tries to persuade Maria and Mustafa to come to the cons. Lost control because of his hatred for Maria, Gonca removes his anger from the mansion's employees. Sahin, who can no longer bear the constant scolding of himself in front of his father, wife and daughter, reacts unexpectedly harshly to Kudret. Hasmet Yalcinoglu, who heard about what happened in Candemir Mansion, takes action with great anger.

Maria Ile Mustafa Episode 7 Trailer

Maria Ile Mustafa Episode 7 Summary: Will the plans separate the two lovers? 

Maria's learning that Melek's father is not one of the Candemirs causes Gonca to come up with a big plan. But will her plan end in a way she never planned and become the eternal separation of Maria and Mustafa? Hasmet and Galip make a big move to take revenge on the Candemir family. Kudret's response will only enermity between the two families. Zeyno, Ruzgar and the events that took place at the party where Nisan went, while the inclusion of Nadire and Nihat in this event, the course of events moves to a different point.

Maria and Mustafa will be on ATV on Sunday, October 18, 2020 with the new 7th episode. Read Also All Episode of Maria Ile Mustafa

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