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Maria Ile Mustafa Episode 9: Trailer And Summary

The new 9th episode trailer of Maria Ile Mustafa has released! What hapen in the new episode on November 1st?


Maria Ile Mustafa, one of the new season series of ATV and followed with interest, came to the screens with the 8th new episode. The last episode of the hit series marked the discovery of new evidence. Here is the trailer for the 9th new episode of Maria Ile Mustafa, which is being investigated with curiosity...

Maria Ile Mustafa will come to the screens with the 9th episode of the series Mustafa dies as a result of a traffic accident, what will Maria do with this news? Starring Hilmicem Intepe and Jessica May, Maria Ile Mustafa series, which will come to screens with the highly anticipated new episode, let's take a look at the news we have prepared for you.

maria ile mustafa episode 9
Image Via @Maria ile Mustafa

What happen in the last episode?

The bud is the one who finds Maria's mind coming to the cone, and she wants to make Maria angry by slowly getting into her head. Maria's carrying Mustafa's child also makes things very difficult for Gonca, and Gonca is more ambitious for Maria. Maria, who hears that the angel is not Mustafa's own daughter, says what she hears and discourages saying it by phone from Gonca. Despite all the obstacles between them, Nihat expresses his feelings to Nadire. Will Nadire, increasingly confused, be able to respond to this love?

Mustafa's accident suffres the family with a deep law, the family is devastated by the news that he died. Not wanting to believe that Mustafa is dead, Maria is supported by Gonca and convinces her to smuggle her out of the mansion. However, he encounters a major obstacle in this path that he never expects. Gonca escapes from the secret mansion and goes to Mustafa, who he hides from everyone. The main purpose of Gonca, who convinces everyone that Mustafa is dead, is understood. Maria learns the whole truth with the message she sees on Gonca's phone, Mustafa is alive. Will Gonca take Maria to Mustafa?

Maria Ile Mustafa Episode 9 Trailer. "She is going to tell Mustafa what she did!"

Maria Ile Mustafa Episode 9 Summary: The lovers are reunited!

Maria succeeds in transporting Mustafa to the hospital. While everyone is remning with the joy that Mustafa is alive, Gonca is badly cornered. Will Gonca be able to get away with it this time? Will Mujdat, who went to the police and confessed to the crime, turn gonca in? The identity of the person Galip has been hiding for years is finally revealed. What is the secret of this mysterious person who will upset Maria and Mustafa? 

What will happened at the association's awards night take the relationship between Nihat and Nadire to a new point? What big events will Zeyno's unexpected move cause, while Rüzga's coming to the mansion with all odds puts Nisan in a difficult situation? Mustafa, who learned that he will have a son, Maria and her love as the secret continues to fall like a bomb on the cone, what new events will cause the duo to be test?   

The series Maria Ile Mustafa will be on ATV on Sunday evening, November 1, 2020 with its 9th new episode. Read Also All Episode of Maria Ile Mustafa

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