Masumlar Apartmanı Episode 5: Trailer And Summary

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Watch the 5th episode trailer of Masumlar Apartmanı (The Innocent Apartment)! What happen in the new episode October 14th?

Trt 1's series met with the audience. The series came to the screens last night with episode 4. The Series was followed with interest by lovers of the series. Here is 5th episode trailer and episode summary of Masumlar Apartmanı (The Innocent Apartment) ....

Masumlar Apartmanı (The Innocent Apartment); Trt 1 screens came on October 6th with questions that everyone can only ask about the concepts of life, love and family. The 5th new episode of The Innocent Apartment was released just after the series. A true life story, "Apartment of the Innocents", was inspired by Dr. Gülseren Budayıcıoğlu's novel "Inside the Coin".

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What happen in the last episode?

When Han realized there would be no sediing, he took the bold step of not losing Inci and asked her to marry him. Inci was left with the shock of the proposal. It's a letter written by her mother, Ela, long ago that made Inci decide. While Inci is on the verge of a decision, Safia waits for him at the entrance to the Innocent Apartment. Moreover, she has learned new things about him...

Han's brother Gulben is preparing to step into the outside world, but it will not be easy to overcome years of cage life. Safia, on the other hand, is wrapped in her sword to protect her world against both Inci's arrival and Gulben's dreams. No one will enter this world, no one will leave this world. Including the paramedics who came to the house.

Ezgi Mola, Farah Zeynep Abdullah, Birkan Sokullu and Merve Dizdar share the lead roles of the much-talked-about series with the performance and strong script of the successful cast.

Masumlar Apartmanı Episode 5 Trailer

Masumlar Apartmanı Episode 5 Summary

After a fight with Memduh, Safiye is frustrated, waiting for khan's support. The crisis discourages Inci from the idea of announcing their marriage. Gülben, who thought that Assad had married Esra, is in deep pain but has no one to worry about. A step taken by the Aegean leaves Inci and Memduh in a difficult position.


Han shares with his father the happiness he cannot share with his brothers. However, Hikmet is having memory problems. Han wants to take a honeymoon vacation away from everything, even if it's for a day, but they have to come back urgently because of a problem at home. Hekmat tells Safiye and Gulben that Khan is married. Safia's world will fall on him.

Masumlar Apartmanı 5th episode released on tuesday, October 14th. Read Also All Episode of Masumlar Apartmanı (The Innocent Apartment)

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