The Walking Dead Make The Finale With Season 11

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The Walking Dead series will end as of season 11 officially announced by AMC.

It was finally announced that The Walking Dead will make its finale. It was officially announced that the series, which lost blood in its final seasons and bears the traces of this loss in the ratings, will bid farewell to the screens with season 11. The AMC channel also announced that this final season will air in an extended way.

The Walking Dead final season will have 24 episodes

If we don't count the first season and the periods that coincide with the writer's strikes, this final season of The Walking Dead, which normally airs in 16 episodes, will be 24 episodes. AMC also announced that this 24-episode season 11 will be split in two and aired in two years. In short, we can also say that The Walking Dead, which has been on screens for a long time, will end later in 2022.

walking dead season 11
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Finally, it was announced that 6 extra episodes will be released for the 10th season, and it was announced that these episodes will be released next season. So we can say that there are 30 episodes left for the show to end.

The Walking Dead season 11

On the other hand, even though The Walking Dead is ending, the universe of the series continues to expand. It was previously announced that a side story involving the characters Darly and Carol will be told and published in 2023. On the other hand, it was announced that there would be films to focus on the character of Rick Grimes, who said goodbye to the show a long time ago. Taking into account the ongoing series Fear the Walking Dead and Walking Dead World Beyond, the production team will be thoroughly filtering out this zombie story.

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