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Episode 20 Sen Çal Kapımı: Trailer And Summary

Has the new 20th episode of Sen Çal Kapımı (You Knock On My Door) been released? What happen in the episode on November 27th?

The 19th episode of Sen Çal Kapımı (You Knock On My Door) series, which tells the love-filled story of Serkan and Eda, which ran from record to record in the ratings on Fox TV screens, was broadcast. Fans of the series, who look forward to Wednesday every week, wonder what's going on in episode 20.

Fox TV screens began at the beginning of the summer season and marked Wednesday's at the first time the ratings record breaking series on Saturday, November 20 at 20.00. The events between Serkan and Eda are curious and research is being carried out on the Tv series, which placed first in the ratings rankings on the evenings. Here is 20th episode trailer and episode summary of Sen Çal Kapımı (You Knock On My Door)....

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What happen in the last episode?

Eda and Serkan's last discussions ended when Eda told Serkan that she would now meet with other people. Serkan feels resentful that Eda can forget him so quickly, while on the one hand he feels doomed to pay for the mistake his father did not own. He thinks Eda's going to slip away forever. The flower from a mysterious man to Eda is the salt and pepper of the business.

What Serkan wants to tell Eda is hard enough, and it's important how he learns them. Serkan wants to create an environment where they can be alone, talk for a long time, that no one will bother them. On the morning of their night together, a bad surprise awaits Eda with Selin's arrival at Serkan's house. What will Eda decide if she finds out the truth? Will love overcome everything?

Sen Çal Kapımı Episode 20 Trailer

When the 20th episode trailer for Fox TV's summer series, which marked the summer and continues the winter season with a ratings record, is released, you can watch, and Fox TV YouTube and on their YouTube channel. Here is the 20th episode trailer of Sen Cal Kapimi....

Sen Çal Kapımı Episode 20 Summary

Serkan tells Eda that Alptekin was also negligent in the accident in which he lost his parents. He left Eda because of this heavy load... Eda goes to confront Alptekin. The head of the subcontractor has served her time. What about the real responsible for everything?

Eda, who doesn't know what to do with what she's learned, left everything behind and went away with the girls. Serkan, on the other hand, does not leave his house during this time, does not see anyone, does not take care of his work. Two lovers retreat to their corners and think about what to do.

When Eda returns to the city, Serkan gathers all his strength and comes out of his house and tries to talk to him. Eda knows that Serkan's fault is not Serkan's responsibility; however, instead of facing the issue, he chose to leave Eda. Serkan is not and will not know how to conduct a relationship. Eda prepares a contract for how to conduct her business relationship with Serkan and signs it without serkan reading. That's how Aydan comes in. It is included in both the project to help girls in need of education carried out in the association. He takes action to bring two lovers together, to prevent them from breaking.

Sen Çal Kapımı (You Knock on My Door) is on FOX on Saturday, November 28st at 08 P.M. with a new 20th episode!. Read Also All Episode of Sen Çal Kapımı (You Knock On My Door)

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