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How many wifes of Ertugrul Gazi?

How many wifes did Ertugrul Gazi have? Here are Ertugrul's wives and his children ...

While many details about Ertugrul's life are curious, Ertugrul's family life is also a subject of curiosity. So how many times has Ertugrul been married, how many times does he have a wife? Here are the curious details about Ertugrul and his marital life, which is of great importance in our history...

Did he remarried after the death of Halime Hatun, the first wife of Ertugrul Gazi? Here are the curious details about Ertugrul and his marital life, which is of great importance in our history...

Who Are Ertugrul Bey's Wives?

Ertugrul, who lived for 93 years, was married once in history. He married halime hatun, his only marriage. With the death of Halime Hatun in 1281, Ertugrul Gazi also got hakk in the same year.

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Esra Bilgic Statement For Her Roles 

I'd like to share with you my feelings as an answer to the countless loving messages I received today that I'm sure I'll continue to receive. We put an end to halime sultan character, who I played with great love and great desire for every scene I spent four years full of, because the story of the new season will be changed. I'm grateful to you for such love and love of me, for seeing me as someone from your family, your home, from the very beginning to the day.

I would like to thank our beloved producer and screenwriter Mehmet Bozdag and our director Metin Günay.

And of course, my dear friends, Hülya ablam, Altan , Ezgi'm, Ayberk abim , Burçin, Yaman'ım , Nurettin abi , Cengiz, Kaan, Murat abi, Celal, Edip , Hakan , Batuhan, Gökhan.. My directors Ahmet and Fethi, My Cinematographer Omer abi. My hardworking friend Begum, my clean heart Büşra'm, Hazal, Aydin, Halil, Omer ... My dear art team Levent , Ecem , Tekin makeup team Busem Feridem and Sevtap abla. Costume Nildağ, Elif , Nazlıcan, Seda .. Okan, Semih . Dear Reji Gülenim and Tolga . All my fan accounts that love me wholeheartedly and dozens of names that can't fit in here that I can't count. You know I love you very much.

Ertugrul Families

His Father is Suleyman Shah

Her Wife is Halime Hatun

His Children are: Osman Bey, Savci Bey, and Gunduz Alp

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