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Hükümsüz (Void) Synopsis And Cast: Turkish Drama

What is the story of Hükümsüz (Void) series? Who are the players? When the series will be start?

It has been announced that the first series Hükümsüz (Void) of the Turkish digital platform Exxen. Details have emerged about the cast and subject matter of the voided series.

One of the new series on the native digital platform Exxen has been announced as Hükümsüz (Void). Ayla, Müslüm, Naim Suleymanoğlu films creator Mustafa Uslu will be moved to the screens under the directing of the series will be led by Özgü Namal.

After a long break, Namal will appear in front of the audience with the series Hükümsüz (Void). Özgü Namal's wife lost his life due to the series shooting may be disrupted, it said.

Hükümsüz (Void) Series Cast

Ayla, Müslüm and Naim, the creator of films such as Mustafa Uslu'dan we will watch the void series starring Özgü Namal'ın immediately stated. In the early days of October, he lost his wife Ahmet Serdar Önal. The successful actor, who died his wife, will delay filming a little. After a long break, The Specific Namal will be back in front of the audience with the series Hükümsüz (Void). 

Hukumsuz synopsis cast
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Özgü Namal

Özgü Namal was born on December 28, 1978 in Uskudar district of Istanbul. After graduating from Cumhuriyet High School in Özgü Namal Uskudar, whose mother was a Macedonian immigrant of Thessali origin, he graduated from istanbul University's state conservatory theatre department. In 1997, she began ing in children's theatre. Özgü Namal, who also received acting trainings at Mujdat Gezen theatre, first portrayed Polat Alemdar's lover in The Valley of the Wolves and became a successful actress known to all of Turkey for his character Elif Eylül.

Hükümsüz (Void) Plot Story

Özgü Namal was awarded the Afife theatre awards in 2005 for her role in Kiralik Ask. She married  Oktay Kaynarca, who was a judge in the 2014-2015 season, and was separated in 2008. Özgü Namal, who married Ahmet Serdar Oral in 2014 and has two children, died of a heart attack on October 6, 2020. After the series Kurtlar Vadisi (Valley of the Wolves), Özgü Namal, who put on a very successful performance in Hanımın Çiftliği series, has been announced for 2021 and the series will be broadcast on a digital platform called Exxen, which is co-ed by Acun Province. We'll write when it becomes clear which character to play in the voided series of the specific Namal.


No details were shared by the Exxen platform about the story and summary of Hükümsüz (Void) series. However, the series will be an unusual action and thriller series, it said. We will present to you as long as there are new developments to tell you what is the subject of the series. 


When will Hükümsüz (Void) series be broadcast?

It has been confirmed that the series, which will be broadcast on the Exxen platform, will begin in 2021. When the cast of the series begins une certain, we will write all the players' information on our page. We will share new developments and information about Hükümsüz (Void) series on this site. 

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