İyi Aile Babası Synopsis And Cast: Turkish Drama

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What is the synopsis of İyi Aile Babası (The Good Family Man)? Who are in the cast? When Will the series be aired?

As soon as it is reflected in the press, new developments in the subject of İyi Aile Babası (The Good Family Man) series and its actors continue to come up. The fisrt episode is on Saturday, November 7, 2020.

The new comedy series, which airs on TV screens, is set to appear in front of viewers. Sebnem Bozoklu and Çağlar Çorumlu will star in İyi Aile Babası (The Good Family Man) series will be screened in September. Hakan Algül will direct the series, which is produced by Surec Film and co-produced by Typhoon Güneyer.

Kanal D's production of the sit-com-formatted family comedy series 'İyi Aile Babası (The Good Family Man)', which was produced by Surec Film, began recently. The first shots came from the ongoing shooting on the plateau specially prepared for the series.

İyi Aile Babası synopsis
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What's the story of İyi Aile Babası?

A family that does not lose joy despite the bad events that bes happen to their parents will be on the screens in İyi Aile Babası (The Good Family Man) series, which will tell the story of the traditional Turkish family in Istanbul.

İyi Aile Babası release date

The Good Family Man will soon be broadcasting on Kanal D screens. The show's producers have yet to provide any information on the exact date.

Synopsis of İyi Aile Babası

Public health physician Mehmet Ali (Çağlar Çorumlu), who owns a private clinic on the Anatolian Side, is a devoted family man who loves his wife and children very much.

He is also very fond of his mother, who has down-floor neighbors. Therefore, he constantly between his wife and mother and has a difficult mediation role between the two.

Cast of İyi Aile Babası 

Caglar Çorumlu

Born in Mersin on December 4, 1977, Çağlar Çorumlu has been married to Gaye Pişkin since 2012. Çorumlu, who was discovered in the theatre team he attended during his university years, has been studying theatre at MSM Actor studios. Çorumlu, who worked with Cem Yilmaz in the Business Bank commercial, has also been involved in numerous series and film projects in the past. Çorumlu, who has also been involved in such productions as Karakomik Films 2, Jet Society and Arif V 216, has managed to attract the attention of the masses, especially with his character Şevket hodja in sweatpants.

Şebnem Bozoklu

Bozoklu, who is the partner of Erkan Petekkaya in the tv series Gel Dese Aşk, will do comedy in The Good Family Man series. Born in Istanbul on August 25, 1979, Bozoklu studied Theatre at The University of September 9. Bozoklu, who had a screen experience for the first time with The Dear Family series, is known for his tv series Ulan Istanbul.

Melek Baikal

Salih Kalyon

Timur Acar

Bahar Şahin

Bahar Süer

Berke Üsdiken

Ecrin Su Çoban

Berat Efe Parlar

Beste Bereket and

Rukan Demir

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