Kulüp (The Club) Synopsis And Cast: Netflix Turkish Drama

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When will Kulüp (The Club) series cast begin? What about the story? Who are in the cast? 


Kulüp (The Club) series, which is expected to begin shortly on Netflix, has a huge curiosity for Netflix members. The series will include Gökçe Bahadır and Barış Arduc, who are on the popular faces of the screens. About 8 - 10 episodes will be broadcast in the series produced by O3 media, while the director's chair seren Yuce and Zeynep Günay Tan will sit. The cast of Kulüp (The Club) series will also include master names such as Salih Bademci and Firat Tanış. 

What's Curious About The Series

The Club series, which is expected to begin filming in January, will be a Netflix series. Gökçe Bahadır and Barış Arduc will be the lead roles. Gökçe Bahadır won its first and most important success with the series Life Information, while Barış Arduc announced his work to many people with the series Love for Rent. The events that developed in the series will take place in a nightclub in 1995. 

Matilda, who has been in prison, will find out that she has a daughter named Rashel when she is released from prison and will try to protect her daughter from all evil. Although the club mentioned in the series may seem like a very fun place for customers, it will be the opposite for the club's employees. Necati Şahin will write the screenplay for the series, while O3 media will produce it. 

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In this topic, we will continue to write you all the details about the club series. As long as the cast and characters of the club series are certain, we will share them with you on our page. Who is in the club series, such as when the club series begins curious questions and where the club series is shot Where are the filming locations of the club series, such as the answers to all the questions that are curious and mind-boggling and we will continue to share with you the details.You can also take a look at the series that will start in 2020.

Synopsis of Kulüp (The Club)

Matilda, an ex-con, works in one of the most important nightclubs of 1955. Matilda's daughter, Rachel, is unaware of its existence until she is released from prison. Trying to establish a good relationship with her daughter, Matilda tries to keep Rasel away from Pera's troublemaker, Fistik Ismet. Matilda also tries to fight the egos of her boss Orhan, nightclub manager Çelebi and artist Selim. Matilda, who adds a different spirit to the environment when she sets foot in the club, turns the club, which is hell for employees, into a home.

Who are Kulüp (The Club) series players?

Gökçe Bahadır is a successful name who has been in the most popular and most watched series of screens such as Kayıp Şehir, Aramızda Kalsın and Ufak Tefek Cinayetler with her masterful acting. The player, who is at the forefront of the series, will partner with Barış Arduc in the club series. It is thought that the duo will be quite successful in this series because both names are very loud with the projects they have taken part in. It is thought that the series club will be loved by the audience and will make everyone admire her. 

Barış Arduc and Gökçe Bahadır will accompany each other while the lead actors in the series are revealed. While it is clear that our actors will be the lead actors in the series, the duo will make a name for their name with this project. In addition, the producer of the club series who will start on which channel, the director of the screenwriter and all the questions you can think of, as well as all the details of Kulüp (The Club) series will be shared for you on our page. 

Characters of Kulüp (The Club) Series

While the lead actors of the series have been revealed, the side characters continue to be revealed. The main roles of the series included Barış Arduc and Gökçe Bahadır, while the other characters in the foreground were Fırat Tanış and Salih Bademci. We will share with you the cast of the club series and the characteristics of the characters on our page.

Gökçe Bahadir

A beautiful actress Gökçe Bahadır, was born in Istanbul on November 9, 1981. After graduating from Istanbul Radio and Television department, she studied acting at Müjdat Gezen Art Center. In addition to 100 years of tv, film and film ation, he has had multiple presenter experience. 

Baris Arduc

Barış Arduc was born in Switzerland on October 9, 1987. He is married to Barış Arduc Gupse Özay, who will star in the club series. He is among the actors of Turkish tv series and films.  Listen to his first acting experience, he has had small roles in tv shows such as Dinle Sevgili, Pis Yedili, and Küçük Hanımefendi. His original project was the character of Omer İplikçi in the tv series Love for Rent. Many brands have also become the face of advertising.

Salih Bademci

Salih Bademci was born in İzmir on August 15, 1984. He completed his high school education at Bornova Anatolian High School and completed his university education in Istanbul University State Conservatory Theatre Department. He has appeared in many tv shows and films. She has been a leading actress in the tv series Love for Rent and Bride from Istanbul, and has also been a supporting character in the tv series Zeytin Tepesi, Ulan İstanbul and Öyle Bir Geçer Zamanki. 

Fırat Tanış

The full name of The Firat Tanış Club Series Cast is Nuri Firat Tanış. He was born in Istanbul on May 5, 1975. In addition to acting, he is also a musician. He graduated from Istanbul University State Conservatory Theatre Department. Since his high school years, he has been interested in theatre. Since 2001, she has been an actress in tv shows and films. Firat Tanış, who plays an important role in the club series, will play which character.

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