Maria Ile Mustafa Episode 11: Trailer And Summary

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Has the 11th episode of Maria and Mustafa been released? What happened in the last episode of Maria and Mustafa? 

Watch the new episode trailer for Maria Ile Mustafa! The series appeared on ATV with the 10th episode. Maria and Mustafa, who are highly acclaimed, also attract attention with their cast. So, what happened in the last episode? Here are the details...

Maria Ile Mustafa recently screened the new episode. The series who are presented to the audience on Sunday evenings with their exciting subject matter and actors, are in our news about the new episode trailer and more. In the last episode of the popular series was put on the doorstep of Gonca's encounter with a bad surprise that she never hoped for. Here is the trailer for the 11th new episode trailer and summary of Maria Ile Mustafa, which is being investigated with curiosity...

Maria Ile Mustafa episode 11
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What happen in the last episode? 

When it is learned that Melek is not of Candemir's blood, Gonca, who was put in front of the door, is waiting for a bad surprise that he never expected. Maria's thirst, even though she knows Gonca's secret, scars Mustafa. Galip's secret from everyone for years will lead to major earthquakes between Maria and Mustafa. Who will be the first to know this secret? Kudret's decision will not discourage Nisan from Ruzgar. Nadire learns Nihat's greatest secret in a way he never expected. What will be Nadire's next move? Iclal, who began to suspect Sahin, takes her husband to the close brand. Will Iclal find out that Sahin is cheating on him? 

Maria Ile Mustafa Episode 11 Trailer

The 10th episode of Maria and Mustafa, one of the popular tv shows, will be broadcast on the evening of November 8. The 11th new episode trailer, eagerly awaited by fans of the series, has been released. 

Maria Ile Mustafa Episode 11 Summary

Eda's appearance years later would open up between Maria and Mustafa. Mustafa tries to save Eda from Galip while trying to express himself to Maria. As the two move on to recovery, the trap set by Gonca and Galip will cause a much bigger crisis. Zeyno, who understands that Nisan and Ruzgar escaped together, tells Kudret about the situation. While Kudret will capture the two, the great decision of Ruzgar and Nisan is enough to shock everyone. 

Nadire also takes a decision about Nihat after seeing Maria's love for Mustafa. Nihat, on the other hand, is again face-to-face with a fact he buried years ago. How will this fact affect the relationship between Nadire and Nihat? When Iclal goes to face Cicek, it's something he never expects. Sahin's arrival there, the events that are well deadlocked, Cicek's decision creates a bomb effect in the mansion.

New episodes of Maria Ile Mustafa, which are released on ATV screens, are screened every week at 20.00 on Sunday evening. Read Also All Episode of Maria Ile Mustafa

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