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Maria Ile Mustafa Episode 12: Trailer And Summary

The new 12nd episode trailer of Maria Ile Mustafa has released! 'There was only one connection between us, and I ripped it off...'.

Each episode of ATV came to the screens with its new series Maria Ile Mustafa Episode 12. Eda's attempt to commit suicide for Mustafa marked the last episode of the popular series. And has the curiously researched Maria Ile Mustafa released the 12th new episode trailer?

Maria Ile Mustafa will be on ATV on Sunday, November 22, 2020 with their new 12nd episode. What will happen in the last episode of Maria and Mustafa to be broadcast this week? Here is 12nd episode trailer and episode summary of Maria Ile Mustafa

Maria Ile Mustafa episode 12
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What happen in the last episode?

Eda's appearance years later would open up between Maria and Mustafa. Mustafa tries to save Eda from Galip while trying to express himself to Maria. As the two move on to recovery, the trap set by Gonca and Galip will cause a much bigger crisis. Zeyno, who understands that Nisan and Ruzgar escaped together, tells Kudret about the situation. While Kudret will capture the two, the great decision of Ruzgar and Nisan is enough to shock everyone. 

Nadire also takes a decision about Nihat after seeing Maria's love for Mustafa. Nihat, on the other hand, is again face-to-face with a fact he buried years ago. How will this fact affect the relationship between Nadire and Nihat? When Iclal goes to face Cicek, it's something he never expects. Sahin's arrival there, the events that are well deadlocked, Cicek's decision creates a bomb effect in the mansion.

Maria Ile Mustafa Episode 12 Trailer: There was only one bond between us, I would break it too.

Maria Ile Mustafa Episode 12 Summary: Is it enough for me to forget you? If I said turn around, would the world turn? 

Galip wanted to make Mustafa pay a price and kidnapped Maria. Mustafa saves Maria. The events that follow then push Maria to make a big decision. What will Mustafa do when he learns of this decision? Maria doesn't know why she was abducted by Galip. What's Eda going to do when she finds out the truth? While Nadire resents Nihat for not having the reaction he wanted after kissing Nihat, Nihat is actually struggling with a different problem. How will the new barrier between them affect the duo? Cicek's arrival at the mansion with her baby on her lap creates an earthquake effect in the mansion. At first, İclal and Zeyno went mad. On top of that, Zeyno's big move, when he learns that Ruzgar and Nisan are getting married, is a shock to the mansion.

Maria and Mustafa series will be on ATV on Sunday evening, November 22, 2020 with its 12th new episode. Read Also All Episode of Maria Ile Mustafa

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