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Maria Ile Mustafa Episode 14: Trailer And Summary

Watch the trailer for the 14th new episode of Mustafa with Maria! What hapoeen in the episode of December 6th?

Maria Ile Mustafa, one of atv's favorite series, came to screens with its 13th new episode. In the last episode of the beloved series, the emotional moments in the scene where Maria and Mustafa reconciled became the stamp. So has the curiously researched Maria and Mustafa 14th new episode been released?

Maria Ile Mustafa, who met with the audience on Sundays at ATV, left behind a very exciting episode with the 13th episode and eyes have already been turned to the new episode trailer. Here is 14th episode trailer and episode summary of Maria Ile Mustafa ......

What happen in the last episode?

Mustafa learns that Maria is furious with him and has the baby taken and will return to her homeland. Will Mustafa be able to forgive Maria in this condition? Nadire learns that the disease is the reason Nihat has distanced herself from him. Nihat's reaction causes Nadire's destruction.

Maria Ile Mustafa Episode 14
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Nisan will face a reaction she never expected when she married Rüzgar and settled in Yalcinoglu Mansion. Will Nisan, who even confronts her parents for this marriage, be able to endure what she's going through in this house? Gonca, who had to agree to a divorce, became well-knew about Maria. She wants her to disappear. What will Gonca's dangerous plan with Galip cost?

Galip, who has become a thorough enemy to Mustafa, will play much bigger this time. This plan, which makes Maria and Mustafa's happiest day a living hell, causes a great trauma for everyone.

Maria ile Mustafa Episode 14 Trailer: "I'm afraid of losing her completely..."

Maria ile Mustafa Episode 14 Summary

At Mustafa and Maria's wedding, the bomb went off, and their happiest day was bloodied. What's this explosion going to cost to get everybody upside down? Galip, who bloodied the wedding, is disheveled by Eda's suicide when he thinks he will get rid of Mustafa and get Eda back. Will Galip get away with it? As Mustafa and Maria try to heal their wounds, a mysterious person enters their lives. How will this mysterious person lead the Candemir family into an opening? Maria and Mustafa are not the only affected by the explosion. Ruzgar and Nisan's relations will also be turned upside down after the explosion. Will the two lovers be able to heal their wounds? A mistake made by Kudret in his youth is about to destroy the entire Candemir family. Will the Candemir family be able to eliminate the danger that is approaching them step by step?

Maria Ile Mustafa will be on ATV on Sunday evening, December 6, 2020 with their 14th new episode. Read Also All Episode of Maria ile Mustafa

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