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Meryem (Virgin Mary) Synopsis And Cast: Turkish Drama

What is the synospis of Meryem (Virgin Mary) and who are the actors-actresses? And What the character are?

One of the most curious sides of the Turkish Series of Meryem (Virgin Mary) is the plot story and players of the series. Who is Meryem? What are the tv shows and movies that lead actors have played before? The dates of birth of the players and how old they are. The series, which is intriguing with its first episodes, is attracting more and more attention every week. What's about the series? Who are the players? What time is the show?

Meryem (Virgin Mary) series quickly entered the screens and took its place at the top of the ratings charts. The series, which is intriguing with its first episodes, will be on Kanal D screens every Wednesday at 20.00. You can find out about Mary and the cast from our news. So who are the cast of Mary, what's it about? Previous series of lead actors and dates of birth. Here are all the details and more...

Synopsis of Meryem (Virgin Mary)

Meryem, a woman who takes the blame she did not commit for the man she loves, a Prosecutor Oktay who can do anything for career and power, War who is daunted with revenge after losing the woman she loved.

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An accident on a rainy night changes the lives of these three people. Oktay, man of justice, man of power, war in need of justice proceeds on this path.

Meryem bears the burden of the sins of both men… Until love is included in the equation and brings justice…

Cast of Meryem (Virgin Mary)

Furkan Andic as Savas Sargun

Savas Sargun is the heir to the Sargun family. A humble and conscientious young man. Her world is a mess when her lover Sevinc, Maryam and Oktay die with her baby in her belly in an accident. Now his only purpose is revenge. Someone who goes after the right, who has nothing to do with lying and playing games.

Furkan Andic born on April 4, 1990 in Istanbul, Turkey. He is a Turkish actor. He attended primary school and high school in Atasehir. After graduating from high school in 2007, he went to Ukraine. He studied preparation and language in his first year at Kiev Polytechnic University in Ukraine. In his second year, he studied economics. He had to return to Istanbul because of the equivalence of the education system. The young actor, who studied radio and television programming at Bilgi University for a while, then made a horizontal transition to Yeditepe University Visual Communication and Design department in the 1st period of the 2011-2012 school year.

Ayça Ayşin Turan as Meryem Akça

The most innocent character in the story. Her father works at Arif's bakery. She lost her mother. Her father and lover have no one but Prosecutor Oktay. She blames her boyfriend Oktay and her quiet life, which goes normally, is turned upside down overnight. She has to keep a big secret and deal with life despite the lies that have been told to her.

Ayça Ayşin Turan was born on 25.10.1992 in Istanbul. The beautiful player, who is 1.67 m tall, weighs 47 kg. The color of the eye is green hair color is brunette. Her father is Tunisian. Although she is 22 years old, she has appeared in many tv shows.

She took her acting education at Gazanfer Özcan and Gonul Ülkü theatre. The player coach is Ferit Selçuk. In 2014, she portrayed Ada Şanverdi in the tv series Karagül. Finally, she shared the lead role with Şükrü Özyıldız in Özcan Deniz's Film Cute Dangerous. This film is the first film lead role of Ayça Ayşin Turan. There were rumors of love between him and Özcan Deniz for a while.

Cemal Toktas as Oktay Sahin

Mary's longtime lover. They were involved in the accident the night before the d.A.'s office began. Even though he's behind the wheel, he admits mary's guilty. Someone who can tell all kinds of lies to save himself, risk anything for money and power. He's always got a high eye.

Açelya Topaloğlu as Derin Berker

He's a childhood friend of War. But he's been in love with her for years, and he's been hiding it so he doesn't lose the War. He's blind enough to do anything for his love.

Bestemsu Özdemir as Beliz Bilen

She's a successful, wealthy divorce lawyer. Prosecutor Oktay's college friend and secret lover. He's waiting for Oktay to leave Mary and stay with him. Because of her love, Oktay's will becomes part of a story full of lies.

Ugur Çavuşoğlu as Yurdal Sargun

Savas and Naz's father. A contractor who has signed on to many important construction projects. A businessman known for his ambition and ruthlessness. Derin and his only son want to marry War. He's marrying Tulin shortly after his wife's death.

Serenay Aktas as Burcu Aktar

Lieutenant Burcu. She's an honesty character trying to get his job right. He's stubborn, and he doesn't let go of any irregularities he sees. He'll have an active role in Mary's case.

Kenan Acar as Güçlü Tekiner

He is the son of Smiler, who works at the outs house of Sargun Manor. They grew up with War, his brother, his friend, his right-hand man, everything. With the war, they go after the case and the killer after Sevinc's death.

Sema Ozturk as Tulin Sargun

Yurdal's second wife, War and Naz's stepmother. He knows what kind of person Yurdal is, and he has a part to share in the execution of his plans. Even if he doesn't agree with the war, he's more effective on Naz.

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