Episode 2 Sol Yanım (My Left Side): Trailer And Summary

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The new 2nd episode trailer of Sol Yanım (My Left Side) has released! What happen in the episode on December 3rd?

The highly anticipated first introduction to Star's new series 'Sol Yanım (My Left Side)' has been released. The aired introduction of the series, which will bring young stars together with master names, aroused great curiosity. The series is produced by BKM and directed by Serdar Gözelekli and written by Melis Civelek.

'Sol Yanım (My Left Side)', which is about the story of loves and coincidences carried from the past to the future, stars Özge Yağz, Tolga Mendi, Cemre Baysel, Emre Bey, Defne Samyeli and Cansel Elçin. With the first teaser released, the show's highly anticipated characters also appeared.

The story of young lovers Serra and Selim will take to the screen an immersive story full of secrets and intrigue that develops around them. The series which attracts attention with its rich cast, will tell the story of a love that grows with coincidences and other loves that move from the past to the future. Here is 2nd episode trailer and episode summary of Sol Yanım (My Left Side) ...

sol yanim episode 2
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What happen in the first episode?

'The parties of those who lose their loved ones without time will always lack'

'Sol Yanım (My Left Side)' will introduce the audience to Serra, who has learned to stand on her own two feet at a young age and has cared for her mother, and Selim, the heir to the wealthy Kutlusay Family. In exchange for serra and her mother's modest neighborhood life, Kutlusay Manor and the family's glamorous luxury life will be at the heart of the story.

Serra, a very successful student, has a scholarship, while Selim continues with necessity, and their Northern University will offer fun and immersive stories about university life. The striking styles of the young players of the squad will start a new trend among young people.

Sol Yanım (My Left Side) Episode 2 Trailer

Sol Yanım (My Left Side) Episode 2 Summary

How will Burak's attempts, held in Serra's mysterious state, turn out? What about The One's plan, which is rolling up its sleeves to help Burak? As Burak's interest in Serra grows, Serra and Selim's difficult study will bring new controversies.

As the cold war between Asena and Selim continues; Asena's surprise visit to Kutlusay Manor will ignit the fuse of Asena's new plan. With the unexpected action of Hulya, who is obsessively in love with Selim, Selim's reputation at school will be compromised. The anger of Ihsan Kutlusay, who fears the loss of credibility of his surname while Serra intervenes with all good intentions, will not be stopped. 

On the other hand, the return of barbarian, the slat of the neighborhood who just got out of prison, is going to get messy.

Sol Yanım (My Left Side) series will be on Star Tv on Thursday evening, December 3, 2020 with its 2nd new episode.  Read Also All Episode of Sol Yanım (My Left Side)


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