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Uttaran (True Love) Synopsis And Cast: Indian Drama [Part 1]

Uttaran (True Love) is a soap opera series originating from India which premiered on December 1, 2008 on Colors TV (India) and ended on January 16, 2015. meanwhile, the meaning of Uttaran is 'Discarded'

Uttaran (True Love) is a film originating from India with the drama genre. This film was directed by Ketan Dubey and produced by Pintoo Guha with Rupali Guha. This film stars the amazing film stars Rashmi Desai, and Tina Dutta.

Uttaran (True Love) series temporarily premiered back in 2008 on Colors Tv India, but only today will be broadcast in many country in the world. Seeing the broadcast schedule which reached 1549 episodes, you can predict if the 1st episode play schedule will be too long.

The longest running series in television drama history. This drama has started since early December 2008 and has finished on January 16, 2015 yesterday on Colors TV. Like other Indian films, Uttaran's film story presents the gap that exists between rich and poor people. The plot of the Synopsis The film continues to revolve around the suffering and insults received by the poor, the story in this film seems to depict the insults faced by poor-people never ending. But peacefully, this Uttaran film will finally end with a Happy Ending.

The drama series "Uttaran (True Love)" tells the story of Ichcha. Ichcha was born in a very slum suburb, her life is simple and has limitations. But there is someone who wants to make Ichcha happy and very fond of Icha and doesn't want Ichcha to continue to live with this kind of situation, she is the mother. With the mainstay of giving Ichcha a good life, her mother is willing to work in a rich person's house as a maid.

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Icha is familiar with Tapasya (Daughter of the Master's mother), but later on she understands that poor people can't possibly be part of that family. no matter how much dedication is done to the family. However, these factors change when Mahindra, Tapasya's lover, falls in love with the kind and kind Ichcha. Does Ichcha dare to defend their love and face Mahindra? Or maybe the poor can't be happy?

The story of Uttaran (True Love) at the beginning will present the childhood story of 2 familiar little girls from different backgrounds. Little Tapasya was born from a rich Takur family, meanwhile, is inversely proportional to her best friend who is the son of a poor family whose mother works as a maid at home, her name is Ichcha.

Apparently, Tapasya's father, Jogi Takur, is one of the causes of Ichcha's father's death. To cover up his feelings of guilt, Jogi often loves Ichcha more than her own son, so it often creates jealousy and misunderstanding.

Uttaran (True Love) Plot Story. The two of them were friendly when they were small and innocent, but when they were teenagers and adults, both of them became involved in a love triangle that made them have to go through hard times and full of challenges. The story is full of intrigue and unconventional complexities, so it makes this series quite extraordinary to follow.

Maybe this is the beginning of all the problems that have arisen, until it continues to change generations, Tapasha's envious nature was not resolved until finally a handsome man appeared and also came from a wealthy family, his name was Veer. Seeing Veer's background, he is considered the right match for Tapasha. Unfortunately, this was because Tapasya already had a lover at that time. So, Tapasya introduced Veer to Ichcha. Rice has become porridge, in the end, Tapasya actually loses the happiness Ichcha can get with Veer.

Veer and Ichcha decided to get married, Tapasya hearing the news became frustrated and very jealous. On the wedding day, Tappu was desperate to cut her veins with a knife. This made Ichcha panic, Ichcha's marriage failed, she left everything to Tapasya. Including the wedding dress, veil and ring.

That's a little Uttaran Film Synopsis. We will discuss it in a more complete .....

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  1. I have seen Indian serials and I have never seen such a best and long serial. It is amazing. In short, I am waiting for the 9th season, which will be continued by Icha and Tapasya's children from generation to generation. The never-ending serial. I love Uttaran?