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What The Meaning "Uttaran" In Indian Drama

At the end of the show, viewers will understand the meaning of Uttaran (True Love) which is the title of this show.

Since its premiere, "Uttaran (True Love)" series has stolen the attention of their fans. Tina Dutta's heart-filled family story has successfully sedated her fans in the country. The "Uttaran" series presents a story that viewers can immediately accept. Not only presenting love and family conflicts, "Uttaran" will apparently give a deep meaning in accordance with the title of this series.

"Uttaran" in Hindi means "discarded". The meaning of this title will be felt by fans at the end of this show. The series, which also stars Rashami Desai, has finished in India on January 15, 2015. So how does the story of "Uttaran" end?

Almost similar to the story of little Ichcha and Tapasya, later Meethi will bring a child named Tamanna. This apparently made Rani (Meethi's son) jealous and felt overwhelmed by the presence of Tamanna. This story is the same as the story of Tapasya and Ichcha as a child.

uttaran meethi and Rani
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As a mother, Meethi tries to give understanding to Rani and makes her daughter jealous. This was apparently seen by Grandma Tapasya or Nani (Pratika Kazmi). Then he began to realize that Tapasya's evil nature was the result of the seeds of hatred that he had spread in his grandson's heart.

Nani slowly began to regret what she did. Damini (Ichcha's mother) who knew about this then comforted Nani. He said that what he had done to Ichcha was not used goods (Uttaran). All of that is a form of love from Nani for Ichcha.

At the end of the story, Damini, Nani and the whole family are very happy to see Rani and Tamanna love each other. They all hug in happiness. Even Nani, who is famous for hating Damini, finally hugged Ichcha's mother.

This scene will make fans understand the true meaning of "Uttaran". Fans will know that what we give to others is not just uttaran or used goods. Everything is a form of our love for them.

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