Acemi Anneler (Novice Mothers) Synopsis And Cast: Turkish Drama

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Who are the actor-actresses of Acemi Anneler (Novice Mothers)? What the series about? Which channel the series will air?

Who are the cast of Acemi Anneler (Novice Mothers) series eagerly awaited by our readers? We are writing new details about the new TRT1 series and the news of the cast. Who are the cast of Novice Moms? TRT1 series topic and all new developments of the cast news are among our news on Friday, December 25, 2020.

Synopsis of Acemi Anneler

The history of the up-and-forth series Acemi Anneler (Novice Mothers) is quite interesting. Fans of the show have a lot to discover in the new series, namely the sym-life struggle of four future mothers. Preparations are underway for the series, where we will witness what the feeling of motherhood approaches the most. 

Acemi Anneler synopsis
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Where is Acemi Anneler Series Filmed?

As with many series, Istanbul will be the filming location for Acemi Anneler (Novice Mothers). The series will be filmed in the large series and film highlands created on the grounds of a former shoe factory in Beykoz district. The neighborhood landscape, specially prepared for the series, will both resemble a 1980s series and reflect the culture of the neighborhood.

Cast of Acemi Anneler

Merve Üçer

Born in 1992, Merve Üçer graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Philosophy. In 2013, she Turkey miss school pageant and then began working as a model. Originally published as Demon's Son 13. He starred in a film called Brutality. She starred in Crazy Classroom 3. Merve Üçer portrayed Elif in the series Beni Birakma.

Berk Bakioglu

Berk Bakioglu was born in Istanbul in 1999. The first series featuring Berk Bakioglu was Seni Sevdim Bir Kere (I Loved You Once_, which was shown on Star TV.

Begüm Topçu

Begüm Topçu is married to Cantuğ Turay, the star of the series "Deniz Yildizi (Star of the Sea)", and was born in Ankara in 1985. Begüm Topçu, a graduate of Hacettepe National Conservatory of Music, participated in the series " Asklarin En Guzeli (The Most Beautiful of Loves)". It is famous for its starfish. He and his wife, Cantuğ Turay, are keen on the theater and tune in. Begüm Artillery instagram account

Melisa Yıldıran

Melisa Yıldıran will be appearing on the show for the first time, although she is not a well-known name, her star will shine after the series "Acemi Anneler (Novice Mothers)". She plays one of the expecte mothers in the series, which airs every day.

Güral Ateş 

There is no information about Güral Ateş, who will be in the series Novice Mothers. In the new series, she will be screened as the wife of one of the expecting mothers.

Ozan Yildirim

He will appear in the series Novice Mothers and will be his first series. The new series will open the door to acting. 

Tolga Akman

Born in Istanbul in 1986, Tolga Akman graduated from Kadir Has University, Department of Motion Picture Acting. He starred in theatre, tv series and films for 11 years. He has appeared in Melekler Korusun, Küçük Sırlar, Muhteşem Yüzyıl, Her Sevda Bir Veda, Aşkın Bedeli, Görünen Adam, Göç Zamanı and Beni Affet.

Yağmur Öztürk 

The actor, who will portray Ceren in The Novice Mothers, is named Yağmur Ozturk. Yağmur Ozturk was born in 1999. Yağmur Ozturk graduated from Ege University, Department of English Language and Literature and started acting by studying at the Capital Academy of Communication Sciences. At the same time, he has completed all trainings on diction, anchoring and presenter.

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