Akrep (The Scorpion) Release Date Has Been Announced!

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When Does Akrep (The Scorpion) Series Begin? Who are Actors-actresses? What Channel the Series Will Air?

Akrep (The Scorpion) series, which was first introduced on Star TV screens, started to be wondered. It was decided to change the name to Scorpion as a result of the changes made in the series, which was planned to be displayed with the name of Shahmaran first. The first broadcast date of the series, which Deniz Çakır gave up and was replaced by Evrim Alasya, began to be waited with curiosity. 

The first presentation of Akrep (The Scorpion) series, which started shooting last month, was broadcast on Star TV screens. The series, which is expected to be one of the most successful works of the new season, aroused curiosity with its first promotional film. It is wondered who will be in the cast of the series, where the audience is already eagerly awaiting the screen date. It is known that Demet Akbağ will play the leading role in the TV series, which İrfan Şahin will produce. The story of the series also continues to be curious.

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When Will Akrep (The Scorpion) Be Released?

Gökçe Usta directs the series Akrep, written by Erkan Birgören. The first broadcast date of the production, which is known to be broadcast on Star TV screens, and which days it will be screened continue to be a matter of curiosity. The first release of the series, whose first release date has not yet been determined, has been published. Akrep (The Scorpion) series is released on Friday, December 11, 2020. Read Also All Episode of Akrep (The Scorpion)

What Is the Story of Akrep (The Scorpion)?

Star TV's new project, The series, began to be curious as well as the date when it will first appear on the screen. It is known that the series, which was first announced as Shahmaran, was named Akrep (The Scorpion) because it was more compatible with the script.

In Akrep (The Scorpion) series, the struggle of two women who are fighting today with what happened in the past will be told. The fight between two women will be on the screen in the series where the concepts of love, betrayal and motherhood are handled. It is also wondered which actors are in the cast of the series and who shared the leading roles. Read Also All Episode of Akrep (The Scorpion)

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