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Baraj (The Dam) Synopsis And Cast: Turkish Drama

Who are the cast of Baraj (The Dam) series? What is the plot story? Where is the filming location?

Baraj (The Dam) is a Turkish Series produced by Med Yapim and No: 9 Yapim, the first part of which was released on March 17, 2020, and directed and written by Hasan Tolga Pusat. Feyyaz Duman and Biran Damla Yilmaz are the cast of the 1977 film "BARAJ", starring Türkan Şoray and Tariq Akan. 

Baraj (The Dam) series, produced by Türkan Şoray's producing daughter Yağmur Ünal. Türkan Şoray will give his full support to his producer daughter in this series. The series will be written by Hasan Tolga Pulat, who is also the screenwriter of Zengin Kız Fakir Oğlan (Rich Girl Poor Boy).

The lead roles of Baraj (The Dam) series will be Burak Yörk with nazım character and Biran Damla Yilmaz as Aysel. Here is the plot story of the series and their character cast.

Synopsis of Baraj (The Dam)

Nazım (Feyyaz Duman) meeting Nehir (Biran Damla Yilmaz) on an online dating site. The situation of never seeing each other changes when Nehir sends her photo. Nazım, who thinks Nehir is very beautiful and young than himself, he send a photo of himself because of the wound on his face, and because of Nehir's insistence and fear of losing it, Nazım sends a photo of Tariq (Burak Yörk), a handsome and playful young man exiled from the colorful life of Istanbul, to the construction of the dam. Neehir is liking of Tariq in the photo and her surprise arrival at the dam will complicate things.

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Character Cast of Baraj (The Dam)

Feyyaz Duman as Nazım Kuzey 

Nazım is a mature person between the ages of 40 and 45 with a hard miza, slight whiteness to his hair and beard. He works as a foreman in the construction of a dam. He's disciplined, uncompromising, withdrawn. He speaks little. No one knows anything about his past. A puppy she found on the road to her tough and withdrawn world and healed her wounds berded companion. But the best he feels is when he spends time with Nehir, where he writes from a dating site. When he sends a picture of this woman he's been emotional with, he's in a difficult position to get out of. He dares not send a photo of himself, and he sends a photo of the irresponsible, handsome young Tariq, who was exiled in the construction of the dam, with which he could not agree in any way.

With Nehir coming to the dam; Spiritual tensions and tides will begin to experience in which good and evil, right and wrong will interspinge, turning into a dangerous lover who can risk anything for her love.

Biran Damla Yilmaz as Nehir Aksu 

Nehir; Between the ages of 25 and 30, she is a beautiful young woman. He grew up in an orphanage. It has a highly emotional and fragile structure behind its strong stance. At a young age, she met Zerrin and bed his patronage. Zerrin is a con man, and he taught Nehir how to cheat. Nehir is very talented at it. However, he is unhappy with this fake life he lives and the damage he has done to the people he has defrauded. The only moments when he can be him and feel happy are: On a dating site, it is the time that nazım writes without even seeing his photo. Her only friend is her upstairs neighbor, Orhan, who is very older than him. Listen to Orhan's heart and goes to the dam construction to get to know Nazım. The fact that they're going to live here and can't get rid of the realms of their own life is going to put him in difficult situations. 

Burak Yörk as Tariq Yilmaz 

Tariq; He is handsome, attractive, charismatic, 25-30 years old and has the knowledge and ability to be considered an expert in women and relationships. He believes there's no woman he can't achieve with his success in using words. He is a partner in the lives of the rich women he picks up his time and spends his time in luxury by eating their money. It's irresponsible and inadsping. He doesn't believe in love. 

Sensing and romance are only used to achieve their purpose. Women and luxury are a passion for life. However, the uncanny father of a woman he spends his money on notices him and sends him to the dam construction he owns, both to remove him from his daughter and to make her pay back the money she had eaten from her daughter. Nazım entrusts it to the patronage of the master. Tariq tries to escape from this environment where he does not belong, but all roads lead to Nazım. A struggle for supremacy begins with Nazım. 

And in the end, the revenge he's going to get comes to you. Nazım sent a photo of Tariq to the woman he was writing to. He'll have Tariq take his place for two days. For Tariq, who uses this situation to his comfort, the transformation of his feelings for the River into love in the process will put everything in a dead end. A new adventure will begin for Tariq, who first encounters love and feels it towards the woman someone else loves. 

Sumru Yuvrucuk as Zerrin

Zerrin; She is an extremely attractive, charismatic and intelligent woman over middle age. He spends his life committing fraud. He has teammates who constantly change according to his purpose and goal, but only the River is indispensable to him. She's driven by a maternal instinct for him. He is both a good partner and a comrade to himself. She had a teenage marriage, but was abandoned as pregnant by the man she loved. That's why he doesn't feel a commitment or belonging to anyone. He's on his own against life. It has a strong and black structure. He doesn't like sentimental. He thinks realistically and clearly. The river's work and its decision to let go is destruction for him. He'll turn the River around. 

Iman Casablanca as Zahra 

She is the wife of Halil, a cook who works in dam construction. She is a young, beautiful and adysy woman between the ages of 20 and 25. She likes to flirt. He's under the watch of all the men in the dam. Her husband Halil also notices this situation, but Zahra has her husband wrapped around her finger. His marriage is a marriage of formality. She feels no love, no devotion to her husband Halil. He dreams of getting rid of the dam. He wants to use Tariq, who he liked when he first saw it, to achieve these dreams. Over time, he will begin to feel an obsessing love for Tariq, and Tariq will pose a serious danger to his love of the River. 

Nezaket Erden as Nermin

Hira Su Yıldız as Ayşe 

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