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Episode 16 Maria Ile Mustafa: Trailer And Summary

The new 16th episode trailer of Maria Ile Mustafa has been released! What happen in the episode on December 20th? 

In the last 15th episode of the beloved series, Majesty showed up to avenge the past and it got messy. Viewers of the beloved series Maria Ile Mustafa are already researching the new episode trailer. Here's Maria Ile Mustafa watch the new 16th new episode trailer and episode summary.

Maria Ile Mustafa, who met with the audience on Sundays on ATV, left behind a very exciting episode with the 15th episode and eyes have already been turned to the new episode trailer...

maria ile mustafa episode 16
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What happen in the last episode?

Mustafa and Maria healed their wounds together and made a fresh start, while Majesty came to avenge the past. What kind of crossroads will Gorkem's vow of vengeance bring Maria and Mustafa to a crossroads? While Iclal suffers from Şahin leaving home, Şahin encounters a face that Cicek has never seen before.

Cicek's path crosses with a person he never expected. This coincidence drags Cicek into a new adventure. All dreams of Gonca, who plans to make a new life for herself, are turned upside down by bad surprise. Although Nadire is in love with Nihat, it never crosses her mind that nihat's brother Galip is the killer of her husband.

Will Galip's asking to be with Nihat during his difficult days take Nadire away from Nihat? Burning with vengeance, Gorkem will no longer wait. He makes an action plan that will upt overtly up the whole family. How will Gorkem's move tear the Candemir family apart?

Maria Ile Mustafa Episode 16 Trailer

Maria Ile Mustafa Episode 16 Summary: "You burn Mustafa and yourself at the slightest mistake!"

As a result of The Majesty's conspiracy, drugs were found in the truck belonging to the Candemirs' company and the Candemir men were detained. The Candemir family, trying to get rid of this conspiracy, encounters a bad surprise that they never expected. Kudret, who had a heart attack with this pain because his hand was damaged, will he be able to get out of the hospital. Mustafa began to suspect Majesty and traced it. Just as we're about to reach Majesty, what will be Majesty's new Maria sees Majesty with Nesrin and begins to get suspicious. However, the cost of this testimony will be severe.

Maria Ile Mustafa series will be on ATV on Sunday evening, December 20, 2020 with its 16th new episode. Read Also All Episode of Maria Ile Mustafa

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