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Episode 23 Doğduğun Ev Kaderindir: Trailer And Summary

Has the new 23rd episode trailer of Doğduğun Ev Kaderindir been released? What happen in the last episode?

OGM Pictures is the production of Demet Özdemir (Zeynep)'s series  and Ibrahim Celikkol (Mehdi), which screens on Tv8 on Wednesday evenings at 08 P.M. 'Doğduğun Ev Kaderindir' new episode trailers, latest news and final episode summaries are in our news... 

Doğduğun Ev Kaderindir new 23rd episode is eagerly awaited. In the series, in which Cagri Bayrak sits in the director's chair and is written by Eylem Canpolat, was well liked. You can find the link to watch episode 23, which is broadcast on TV8 screens, in our news. 

What happened in the last episode?

Mehdi, who surprised everyone by coming to Cemile and Noah's wedding, began to envy Zeynep. Mehdi tries to make peace with Zeynep while trying to find out the intentions of Barış. Zeynep, who has made her way in her own career, continues to take successful steps in her profession while taking confident steps towards forgetting Mahdi. While things do not settle on the part of Müjgan and Burhan, Burhan vows to avenge his unhappiness with Mahdi.

dogdugun ev kaderindir episode 23
Image Via @TV8

With the seeds of suspicion planted in it, Mehdi becomes cannot fit in the container. Burhan confronts Müjgan with a whole new surprise. This will irrevocably change their relationship. He intends to make Mahdi pay for his disappointment. Baris and Nermin continue their secret cooperation for Zeynep. At home, a sweet rush surrounds the women who take their first jobs. In this business, which is much more difficult than they expected, someone will run to their help that they do not expect.

Zeynep tries to escape the unrest within her and focus on her work. Positive developments at work give him strength. Mahdi, on the contrary, loses his power and surrenders to what has happened to him. But Zeynep's conscience will again cause her to cross paths with Mehdi.

Doğduğun Ev Kaderindir Episode 23 Trailer

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