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Episode 25 Sen Çal Kapımı: Trailer And Summary

The new 25th episode trailer of Sen Çal Kapımı (You Knock on My Door) has been released! What happen in the episode on January 2nd?

A new episode, which continues its ratings battle on Saturdays after its ratings on Wednesdays, is in front of the audience. In Eda and Serkan's adventures, the audience will once again be locked in front of the screen. So what else happen in the last episode of Sen Çal Kapımı (You Knock on My Door)?

It aired with the 24th episode of Sen Çal Kapımı (You Knock on My Door), one of the summit candidates of Saturdays. Those who want to watch again, those who aim to capture the details they have missed and those who are looking for ways to watch again will be able to find the tracking link in our site.

Fox TV's new series, Which marked the summer season and became a ratings trump card on Fridays, aired with a new episode tonight when it showed 08 P.M. What will happen in tonight's episode of the series, which is shown as a hit and locks thousands of people per screen every week, is also eagerly awaited and wanted to be watched. Here is 25th episode trailer and episode summary of Sen Çal Kapımı (You Knock on My Door) .....

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What happen in the last episode?

Eda didn't fall into Balca's trap about the tender; However, the emergence of the secret partner's grandmother, Ms. Semiha, undermines Serkan's confidence. Serkan immediately walks out of the company, Eda runs after him and tries to tell him that she didn't know the identity of the secret partner until that time that day. Serkan won't listen. Eda wouldn't give up. She goes after Serkan. Ms. Semiha, benefiting from the absence of Serkan and Eda, declares a state of emergency in the company. At the meeting where she called everyone, she said that she threatened Mr. Alptekin and that she fled abroad. 

The next stop of this woman, who has everyone ready in front of her, is Ayfer and Eda's house. Aydan was surprised at what to do with the divorce contract from Alptekin, and she ended up in Ayfer Hanim. Ayfer establishes a plan to protect Aydan and Seyfi from the wrath of her mother and recognizes Aydan as his neighbor Aysun. Eda eventually finds a way to get Serkan to listen to himself. They both agree that their relationship is very frayed. 

Serkan wants a fresh start with the New Year. Eda, who fell like a bomb in the middle of her grandmother's life, which she wanted to leave in the past, has question marks about new beginnings. Will the New Year's spell be able to surround Serkan and Eda? Are new beginnings possible? When the clocks show 12:00 a.m., they promise to let each other know what they think of their relationship. 

Sen Çal Kapımı Episode 25 Trailer

Sen Çal Kapımı Episode 25 Summary

The New Year's Eve party is unpleasant due to Serkan's detention. Of course, there are those who are sad and happy when Serkan spends the first hours of the new year among the safety walls. Ms. Semiha, who has made an unfounded report about Serkan, confronts Eda, who is struggling to meet Serkan even for five minutes, and Serkan gives his speech threatening Eda's love.

Now Eda is between her grandmother's threats and her love for Serkan. Meanwhile, the handsome young Arab Prince, who is also a wealthy businessman, appears to work with Artlife Architecture. It's Ms. Semiha who introduced this prince to the company, and she has many other plans.

Aydan is angry when Chef Iskender starts seeing Ayfer because of her food skills. The way she wants to get close to Iskender causes some fun moments. In the fresh marriages of Engin and Gleam, Engin pushes the boundaries of the sparkle with his relaxed attitude.

Prince Seymen is start working with the company would cause tremors in everyone's life. Prince Seymen, Ms. Semiha, Eda and Serkan gather one evening to celebrate their start working together. This food will cause a very big secret to be revealed.

Sen Çal Kapımı (You Knock on My Door) is on FOX on Saturday at 08 P.M. with a new episode! Read Also All Episode of Sen Çal Kapımı (You Knock on My Door)

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