Episode 3 Akrep (The Scorpion): Trailer And Summary

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The new 3rd episode trailer of Akrep (The Scorpion) has released! What happen in the episode on December 25th?


In the new episode in a vengeful war will make you forget everything you know!. In the new episode, where competition, revenge and ambition rise to the highest level, viewers will not be able to keep up with the speed of the series! Akrep (The Scorpion) series episode 3 trailer has been released. Watch the trailer here and the episode summary detail....

Watch the new 3rd episode trailer of Akrep (The Scorpion): Things are getting really escalating in the trailer for episode 3 which airs on Friday, December 25th! In the new episode, where competition, revenge and ambition rise to the highest level, viewers will not be able to keep up with the speed of the series! The series where the excitement does not fall for a moment with one unexpected event after another, viewers will feel that they are warming up to the series.

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Ferda's will amaze the audience, where the tide of love and hate continues! Ferda, who will show the viewer what a mother can do for her daughter, will start harvesting the seeds of doubt she sows by drawing all the attention in the new episode one by one. While the battle between Perihan Emgen and Ferda Kendirci extends to the descendants of the entire Emgen Family, new developments about who killed Berna will come as a shock.

In the series, which makes the viewer forget what they know with each episode and it is not known which side is right in the showdown, the new 3rd episode trailer will bring everyone one step closer to the truth. The successful cast of the series, which also continues with doubts, real and innocent loves in the triangle of revenge, will manage to officially give viewers the amazing script with their expected performances. 

In the episode 3 of Akrep (The Scorpion) series, in which young people's struggle in the grip of hate and love is dragged to a different dimension, has already managed to excite viewers. With Ferda going after what Perihan has, how often the balance changes in the new episode will turn viewers' head in the series, where tensions never drop from the first episode.

Akrep (The Scorpion) Episode 3 Trailer

Akrep (The Scorpion) Episode 3 Summary

Ferda jumps in the face of Fikret's interrogations and begins to blame Fikret. In the face of Ferda's manipulation, Fikret backs down and apologizes. Perihan, who is in the hospital, is nervous about losing control of things, and when he learns that he has come to Ferda's house from Hacer, he takes action! Perihan, who snuck into her own house; He works as an agent to show Fikret the true face of Ferda! He builds a game where he will use the baby camera in the house as a hidden camera! 

He'll achieve his goal!, Fikret begins to suspect berna's murder again. It investigates which hospital Aras and Ferda were in the day Berna died. Ferda makes a new move to win Fikret back and brings him home in Sapanca.

When Perihan understands that Fikret can't get out of Ferda's orbit, he decides to shoot Ferda with his own gun and goes to Sapanca with Merve!  This whole thing is going to confuse them all! They start asking more questions to find out what's going on! Aras becomes completely panicked.

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