Turkish Series Akrep (The Scorpion): 1st Trailer And Filming Location

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Has the new Turkish series Akrep (The Scorpion) been released? Where is the filming location? Who are in the cast? what is the story?


Akrep (The Scorpion) series released on television screens last night with its first episode, which screens on Friday evening (December 11th). What is the subject of the series directed by Gökçen Usta and written by Erkan Birgöre? Where is the sequence filmed? Here is the detail of the series and everything that is curious...

Akrep (The Scorpion) series is again appearing in front of the audience last night with the first episode re-episode re-episode that locks viewers onto the screen. Star TV's new series, 1441 Productions, is intrigued by viewers. Everything about the series, which attracts attention with its rich cast, is a matter of curiosity. What's the deal with the scorpion sequence? Where is the scorpion sequence filmed? Here are the answer...

Akrep (The Scorpion) Filming Location

The filming of Akrep (The Scorpion) series is carried out on the film plateaus in Beykoz district of Istanbul. Some scenes of the series were shot on the plateaus of the series in Kocaeli Darıca.

akrep filming location
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Akrep (The Scorpion) Plot Story

Perihan Emgen (Demet Akbağ); She lives a comfortable, comfortable and ruling life with her daughter, grandchildren and son-in-law, who she folds for her daughter, even if she does not like it very much. One night, the phone call from the police station will change their lives forever.

Her daughter Berna's body has been found. Ferda Kendirci (Evrim Alasya), who told a young lawyer behind bars why perihan had turned her life upside down, had a neighborhood hairdresser by scraping it with her fingernails, but she is after what Perihan has.

Ferda, who dropped like a bomb on the Emgens' house and life with a phone call from the police station, is Perihan's daughter and her son-in-law's lover! The girl she left when she was just one year old is now in front of her as the one who messed up her family! It is only a matter of time before Ayşem, who listens to Ferda's rescue from prison, falls like a bomb in ferda's life and her daughter Merve (Müge Su Şahin).

Emgen Family descendants Duru (Aslı Melisa Uzun), Şahin (Taha Baran Uzbek) and Ece (Ahsen Turkymez); He will be caught in the middle of Perihan and Ferda's war. This war will also completely change the lives of Ferda's neighbors Ipek (Esila Umut) and Aras (Yusuf Çim), thingring them all between the tides of a world in the midst of love and hatred. Read Also All Episode of Akrep (The Scorpion)

Akrep (The Scorpion) 1st Episode trailer

Akrep (The Scorpion) Players

Demet Akbağ, Evrim Alasya, Bekir Aksoy, Yusuf Çim, Aslı Melisa Uzun, Beril Pozam, Demet Gül, Esila Umut, Taha Baran Özbek, Müge Su Şahin, Ahsen Türkyılmaz, etc.

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