Yaşın 19 (Age of 19) Synopsis And Cast: Turkish Drama

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Who are the actors-actresses  of Yaşın 19 (Age of 19) series? What's the story? What tv channel that aired this series?

Yaşın 19 (Age of 19) series on FOX TV is preparing to meet the audience... Hayat Atay will sit in the director's chair of the ambitious series signed by Gold Film, which attracts attention with its strong cast. So who are the cast, and what's it about?


Famous actors Hülya Avşar and Mehmet Aslantuğ re-met 25 years ago in the cast of 'Yaşın 19 (Age of 19)', which will be broadcast on FOX screens, after starring together in the film 'Anatomy of a Woman'.

The cast of the series 'Yaşın 19 (Age of 19)', which was signed by Gold Film and directed by Ömür Atay, includes famous names such as Deniz Çakır, Fikret Kuskan and Tolga Gülec. The new series, which was announced as 'Defne ile Son Gece (Last Night with Defne)' and later changed to 'Yaşın 19 (Age of 19)', will soon be on FOX TV...

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Synopsis of Yaşın 19 (Age of 19)

The previous name of Yaşın 19 (Age of 19) series was Defne ile Son Gece (Last Night with Defne), so we think that the life of the lead character named Defne will be told about a night that will be considered a turning point in her life and her affected life will be told after that, we will watch the Mahal of her life from a mistake made by Defne, who is only 19 years old, and the subject of the series will be added to our subject when the subject of the series is officially announced.

Cast of Yaşın 19 (Age of 19)

Deniz Cakir

Born in Ankara on December 31, 1982, the beautiful actress made her name with the series Women Wants and made her name all over Turkey, especially with the series Leaf Dump. In the following years, the beautiful actress appeared in such important series as The Magnificent Century, Bandit Does Not Rule the World. The beautiful player is 175 cm in height and 60 in weight.

Tolga Gülec

Born in Hatay in 1981, she has appeared in important series such as Leke, Fazilet Bayan and Her Daughters.

Miray Daner

The young actress, who last starred in the tv series Saygı, came to the world in Istanbul on January 15, 1999. The young actress made her name in the series Medcezir and later appeared in the series You Are Your Homeland and A Liter of Tears.

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