Yüz Yüze (Face-to-Face) Synopsis And Cast: Turkish Drama

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Tims&B production has begun preparing a new series for Show TV viewers. The new series, introduced to the press as Yüz Yüze (Face-to-Face), is expected to be in the drama genre. The name of Face to Face was previously announced as Beyond the Nights, but the name was changed when its name was not liked.

The director of Yüz Yüze (Face-to-Face) will be Osman Taşçı, who last worked for Poyraz Karayel, while Ethem Özışık, who also took part as a senaritst in Poyraz Karayel, will be the screenwriter series. January 2018 is being considered as the release date when the series is set in October 2017.

Synospis of Yüz Yüze (Face-to-Face)

The series will tell the story of a 4-member team formed by a man whose real name is Cihangir under the nickname Cino and his fight for his father's revenge. Cino's father was once the victim of a conspiracy as a policeman and was shown to be a traitor.

Yüz Yüze Synopsis
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Cast of Yüz Yüze (Face-to-Face)

Sinem Kobal as Seliha

She was born in Istanbul in 1987. Her acting career, which began at dormen theatre, took on a professional dimension with the series Danny, which she joined when she was just 13 years old. He graduated from The Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Stage and Show at Beykent University. Selena became known for her series; In 2015, she starred in Ananlar and their mother, and in 2014 she starred in Gobul Isleri (The Affairs of the Heart).

Seliha is a successful cop. It's not only successful, it's also dangerous. Seliha suffers a terrible trauma when she is 15, the same night, she leaves her home and paints herself a new path. After years of fighting for his life alone, Seliha bees the maverick superintendent of the theft squad. An incident will open a whole new page in Seliha's life.

Birkan Sokullu as Cino

She was born in Istanbul in 1985. Birkan Sokullu, who is 31 years old, last appeared in the series Song of Life. In 2003, she came third in the 'Best Model Of Turkey' competition. She graduated from Maltepe University, Department of Radio TV Programming. She played professional basketball for 10 years and then entered the industry as a model and actress. She became known for her character Demir in the tv series "Kucuk Sirlar (Little Secrets)".

A professional and handsome thief. Cihangir Bilir's father Kemal Bilir, aka Cino, a policeman, is killed by a slander while undercover. Now a difficult and troubled life has begun for Cino, whose sole purpose is to prove his father's innocence.

Ruzgar Aksoy as Rare

Most recently, she starred in the tv series Kara Sevda. Ender, one of the superintendents of the burglary squad, is hopelessly in love with Seliha. She makes moves to be with Seliha, but is turned away every time. She's an incompassed man, Ender.

Merve Dizdar as Yeşim

Most recently, she has been involved in lizard, friends are good and lizard. If you hear a flat exhaust and a bitter brake in the neighborhood, know that Yesim is out for a ride again. Her father is the real hero who turned Sadik's garage. Her extreme curiosity for cars makes her much more than a mechanic.

Ozgur Emre Yildirim as Tatar

He's Cino's oldest and best friend. He became famous in the neighborhood for his unnecessary propensity for violence. He likes money, women and guns... Love will be the last trouble tatar's trouble will get him into.

Taner Ölmez as Aleko

Born in 1986, Taner is 31 years old. He graduated from Istanbul University State Conservatory Theatre Department. Taner Ölmez, known for his character Mert in the tv series Medcezir, last gave life to Sehzade Osman in The Magnificent Century: Kösem.

The youngest of the team, the apple of Cino's eye, is the most authoritative name that comes to mind when it comes to technology... He loses his family at a very young age. Then Cino will take care of him. Music is everything to him.

Ahmet Rifat Shungar as Mustafa

He was born on July 9, 1983 in Istanbul. He graduated from Istanbul University State Conservatory Theatre Department. Most recently, she starred in The Love and Pride. He has awards in a few branches.

Ece Ceshmioglu as Zeynep

Zeynep, the beautiful commissioner of the burglary squad, met ali, the love of her life thanks to Seliha, and is about to get married. The painful event he experiences causes him to take a different path in his life.

Başak Daşman as Emel

The sister of the neighborhood... Emel works in the pavilion but only sings. He has no deeds for anyone. All he cares about is one day being able to take his child from the man who is both a badass and the father of his child. He's not getting along in the neighborhood, except Mullah.

Mohammed Cakir as Mullah

Yunus, who set his mind on 30-year-olds from Trabzon to Istanbul as a child, is a memory at the age of thirteen. At the age of fifteen, he succeeded in dragging his family to Istanbul. He's as committed to Cino as anyone else. He only has a problem that Mullah is afraid to scream at the mountain.

Ali Seçkiner

Selin Yeninci

Nihal Telcan

Kaan Uluca

Celal Ozturk

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