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What the plot story of Netflix Turlish Series '50M2'? Who are in the cast? When the series will be released?

The series 50M2 was released on Netflix. The series, starring Engin Ozturk, is written by Burak Aksak, whom we know from the comedy series films. Here are the Netflix 50M2 players and their plot story in our sites...

Starring Engin Ozturk and Aybüke Pusat, met viewers on Netflix. BKM Film produces the eight-part series, while Selçuk Aydemir and Burak Aksak sit in the screenwriter's seats. The first season episodes of Burak Aksak's first Netflix project, 50m2 (Fifty Square Meters), were released, accompanied by Selçuk Aydemir. The series is tell the story of Gogle that doing the dirty work of a dark man, He gets complicated as he tries to open the veil of secrets of his past and finds himself in a small neighborhood with a completely different identity.

Who are the cast of 50M2? What is 50M2 about? The question became a subject of curiosity when there was a new Turkish production released on Netflix. The first season of the 8-episode series debuted at Netflix's TOP10 high school, where it rose to 3rd place.

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Synopsis of 50M2

The series tells the story of a mysterious hitman named Golge (Engin Ozturk) who tried to find himself on the run for his life. Golge suddenly finds himself living in a 50-square-foot tailor shop in a foreign neighborhood, following the betrayal of Servet (Kürşat Alnıaçık), who treats him like his long-lost father. 

As he hides there until the situation improves, he learns that the neighborhood thinks he's the son of the dead owner. However, he quickly understands that maintaining this identity will not be as easy as he thinks. The more he lives in this new neighborhood, the more he will discover secrets about his past and true identity, the more he will help those around him, and the more he will become someone else.

When Will 50M2 Be Released?

50m2 is the Turkish original Internet series of Netflix, written by Burak Aksak, with Selçuk Aydemir in the director's chair, which was released on January 27, 2021.

Cast of 50M2 Netflix Turkish Series

Engin Öztürk as Gölge / Adem

Aybüke Pusat as Dilara

Kürşat Alnıaçık as Servet

Cengiz Bozkurt

Tolga Tekin

Özgür Emre Yıldırım

Hasan Yalnızoğlu

Murat Kılıç

Gaye Gürsel

Yiğit Kirazcı

Tuğçe Karabacak

Cansu Dağdelen

Tuncay Beyazıt

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