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Alina Boz Short Biography And Profile: Turkish Actress

Who is Alina Boz? How old is Alina Boz? Where she was born?

Alina Boz, who appeared in front of the audience with the series Maraşlı (Marashli), had recently starred in Neflix's Aşk 101. Who is Alina Boz? How old is Alina Boz? Here are the curious details about the young Turkish actress...

Alina Boz's mother is Russian and her father is Turkish. The beautiful actress has been involved in many popular productions and has managed to attract attention with her beauty. Curious details about Alina Boz...

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Who is Alina Boz?

Alina Boz was born on June 14, 1998, in Moscow, Russia. Alina Boz, whose mother is Russian and whose father is a Turkish immigrant from Bulgaria, stayed in Russia until she started primary school. Alina Boz, who returned to Turkey because of her family's work, came to Istanbul at the age of seven. There she learned Turkish and went to elementary school. She graduated from Private Gökjet Aviation High School Cabin Services Department. After graduation, she won the Department of Theatre at Kadir Has University. Before starting her acting career, she worked in commercials and magazines.

She began her acting career as Canan in the tv series Cesur Hemşire (Brave Nurse) in 2013 at the age of fifteen. As Hazal in The Shattered series, she worked with actress Nurgül Yeşilçay. In 2016, she starred as Melis Kahvacı in The Escaped Brother. In 2017, she starred in the film Company. In 2017, she starred as Defne in Sevdanin Bahcesi. In 2018, she starred as Princess Anastasia Romanova in Vatanim Sensin.

Alina Boz brings azra to life in the series Elimi Birakma, which is now airing on TRT 1. She starred in the Netflix original series Aşk 101 and portrayed Eda. She is 5 feet tall, 50 kilos and her zodiac is Gemini.

Tv Series and Films Starring by Alina Boz:

2022 – Zengin Kiz (as Zeynep) [Tv Series]

2021 – Marasli (as Mahur) [Tv Serie]

2018 – Elimi Bırakma (as Azra) [TV Series]

2018 – Vatanım Sensin (as Princess Anastasia Romanova) [TV Series]

2017 – Sevdanın Bahçesi (as Defne) [TV Series]

2017 – Bölük [Films]

2016 – Kaçma Birader (as Melis Kahveci) [Film]

2014 – Paramparça (as Hazal) [TV Series]

2013 – Cesur Hemşire (as Canan) [TV Series]

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