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Episode 20 Arıza (The Fault): Trailer And Summary

The new 20th episode trailer of Arıza (The Fault) has been released!. In the last episode; Dangerous armed was attact. Their lives are in dangerous... What happen in the episode on January 30th? 


As Ali set out to track down the most severe price for all that had been done sooner or later, emotions flooded in at the funeral of Fatih, who died with his last breath. In the last episode of the malfunction, Halide felt the happiness of Ali's accident-free escape, which he pulled out of the irreversible catastrophe at the risk of death. Is Arıza (The Fault) episode 20 trailer been released?

Arıza (The Fault) is in the last chapter; Halide, who was gnawing at the possibility of never seeing Ali again, took a deep breath when he came across him safely. In the last section; As the tomb of Fatih, who lost his battle for life and surrendered his soul, was buried, hearts turned to the place of fire. After Halide, who was left with the fear of losing the man he couldn't dust, got away from the pessimistic thoughts that took over her brain with Ali's bloody live turn.

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While Ali was rolling up his sleeves in no time with the intention of being able to dismantle his revenge by identifying those responsible for what happened to Fatih, Halide and Ali, who were caught in vulnerable moments at an unexpected time, were caught in the middle of the armed attack operation and faced death.

When Will Ariza Episode 20 Be Released?

In the successful and talented cast; Ahmet Mümtaz Taylan, Tolga Sarıtaş, Cavit Çetin Güner,  Levent Can, Hazal Benli, Ayça Ayşin Turan, Ali Seçkiner Alıcı, Dilara Aksüyek, Murat Daltaban, Ali Rıza Kubilay, Yeşim Salkım, Uygar Özçelik, Olgun Toker, Kemal Burak Alper, Pınar Çağlar Gençtürk, Cankat Aydos, Yeşim Gül and Duygu Katagan. The series will be released on January 30th.

Arıza (The Fault) Episode 20 Trailer

With the signature of O3 Media, directed by Recai Karagöz and written by Yilmaz Şahin and Cagla Kizilelma, the trailer for Arıza (The Fault) 20th episode, which welcomes its fans with its exciting and tension-laden scenes, was screened on Show TV...

Arıza (The Fault) Episode 20 Summary

Halide's difficult moments in interrogation are highlighted in the tense promo, in which Ali Riza confronts The Old Man's man Safir. While Sapphir has made a difficult choice for Ali Reza, who he threatens with his loved ones, it is already a matter of great curiosity what Ali Riza will do.   

Fuat Ersoylu is buried in a simple ceremony at Burak's request. The old man's right-hand man Safir contacts Ali Reza and gives Ali Riza his first duty. Burak goes after a name his father told him before he died. Halide is excited about a little holiday she has dreamed of for a long time, where she and Ali Riza can rest their heads.

Arıza (The Fault) series will be on Show TV on Sunday evening, January 31, 2021 with its 20th new episode. Read Also All Episode of Arıza (The Fault)

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